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 Now with more game!
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The Plate System, as you probably expect, is another mechanical dungeon. The enemies can deal a lot of damage, but fortunately Demi's Spark and Stasis Beam skills make them much easier to deal with.

Within we find a few pieces of Laser equipment (which is effective against both biological and mechanical enemies), the Stun-Shot (a weapon for Demi that can paralyze biological enemies) as well as our first Repair Kit for Demi. We also come across a box containing some odd mechanical parts.

What? There's some weird machines here.

Weird? Don't be so rude. These are spare parts for androids.

Spare parts?

Yes, they look like internal weapon units. Let's see... they seem to be in working order. And they look like they will fit. I will install them right away. Will you close your eyes and turn your back?

Huh? Why?

Just do it, Chaz!


The screen fades in and out briefly to the sound of some mechanical parts being installed.

Hmm... OK everybody, I'm done. Now I'm powered up!

I don't see anything that has changed.

It looks that way doesn't it? Well, soon you shall see.


It's the new weapon 'Phononmezer!' I can't wait to try it out!

Demi gets a new skill, a powerful little device that deals heavy damage to all enemies, both mechanical and biological. In case you're wondering, yes, this is how all skills are earned for Android characters.

This is the control center of the Plate System!

Demi performs a quick hack-job and shuts down the Plate System.

Now there won't be any more earthquakes! Hooray!

Yes, we'll be all right for the time being. But this doesn't solve the problem, you know. The abnormalities will not end until we shut down Nurvus - and maybe even Zelan!

Yes, you're right... And, in order to do so... first, we must get to Zio!


That's about all there is to say about that. Now we can move on to our original goal.

Well, okay, not quite. A bit further east and across some more quicksand, we come to the town of Termi.

* My, you must be strangers here. This is Termi. This is a village that worships a heroine of Yore.

A cat? I wonder if it's a pet.

The heroine of yore is, in fact, the protagonist of the original Phantasy Star. The cat is Myau, another of the game's protagonists (and a pretty good support character to boot). We haven't heard the last of either of them, as we'll find out later.

There's also a gift store here:

Capitalism at its finest.

The Pennant and Wood Carving can be bought and kept in your house back in Aiedo. Nothing really comes of it though, aside from Rika berating you for wasting money. Good for a laugh, though.

More important, though, is the Armor shop, which sells Psy gear. This stuff not only provides some solid defense, but also boosts your character's Mental stat, making their techs more effective. It is fairly expensive, but you should have enough money after tackling the Plate System and selling off all of your outdated gear. Grab two Psy-Shields while you're here too.

Alright, without further ado, let's head to the Ladea Tower.

The music in here is actually an arranged version of the dungeon tune from Phantasy Star I, which is pretty neat if you're a fan. The enemies aren't too bad; several are recycled from Zio's Fort (and significantly weaker due to our upgraded gear), and the few new ones aren't particularly dangerous.

On the third floor up, we reunite with Rune.

Rune! So you were here after all!

You've come, Chaz! Amazing that you got all the way up here with those short legs of yours!

Rune! This is no time for jokes! I implore you, give us your assistance!

Hey? What happened to Alys? Is something wrong?

Well, the fact is...

Is that right... Such a thing happened... Alys... But let's not be hasty. As soon as we get the Psycho-wand...


Yep, I came here to get it. The psycho-wand is the only weapon that can break through Zio's magic barrier!

So... Rune!

The Psycho-wand is supposedly sealed up in the uppermost level of the Ladea Tower. I haven't got my hands on it yet. I'm on my way to get it now. Will you accompany me? Once you find the Psycho-Wand, I will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

OK, OK, I get it.

Rune rejoins the party, decked out in Psy-gear. However, you'll soon realize that, although it didn't look so earlier, his HP and defense are actually quite low, and one or two solid hits from the enemy will knock him dead. This is why we picked up those two Psy-Shields earlier; equip them both on Rune to give his Defense a major boost.

This has the disadvantage of not allowing him to perform a normal attack, but you can easily program in a new attack Macro to compensate for that.

Now Rune will go last each turn and, should his turn come up, he'll use Flaeli. Since he starts off with thirteen uses of it and only gains more as the game progresses, this makes it a good candidate for a standard attack. He's also gained a few more powerful Techs since we last saw him, and will only gain better ones as the game progresses, so it's best to save your TP and your more powerful Skills for the boss battles.

Moving on, we find a Star-Dew in a chest. Like Moon Dews, these are really rare (and really good) items, restoring the entire party's HP to full (sans Android characters). Again, save these for the later stretches.

I'd never gotten one of these before in my previous playthroughs, so I just thought I'd point it out. Very rarely, the Shadowsaber enemies may drop a weapon called a Shadow Blade, which would provide pretty decent attack power had we gotten one in Zio's Fort. Unfortunately, since we now have the Laser Sword, it's obsolete, and the hefty stat penalties to Defense, Agility and Mental Power don't make it a particularly appealing choice in the first place. On top of that, it only sells for 1 Meseta, so it's not even any good in that regard. Bummer.

Another subtle reference to the original Phantasy Star, wherein it was the best piece of armor Noah could acquire. While that's not the case here, it is a step up from Rune's Psy-Robe.

At the very top, we come to a sealed chest.

We can now break the barrier!

You're Zio's underling!?

Hmph, what a brain dead kid you are. Chaz, don't let him get the Psycho-wand!

You don't have to tell me that! Stop ordering me around all the time!

Come on! Is this any time to bicker? It's coming!

Ugly beastie, isn't he?

Alright, now that we're at our first proper boss fight, it's time to introduce three all-important skills: Demi's Barrier, which reduces skill and tech damage, and Rika's Saner and Deban, which boost everyone's speed and defense respectively. You'll want all of these active within the first two turns to greatly reduce the damage you take. The boosted speed will also allow you to heal your party members before the boss gets his turn in, which is very important.

Once you've gotten everything set up, just blast away with your strongest attacks. Gy-Languiah is resistant to fire, but ice works quite well, so have Rune nail him with Giwat. Chaz's Githu also inflicts decent damage once he runs out of Crosscuts. He's actually pretty easy once you're properly buffered, as he can't kill anyone with a single critical physical attack anymore. Should that happen, just use Demi's Medic to bring them around, then have Rika heal them.

So, as long as we have this Psycho-wand, there's no need to fear Zio.

You two, is there anything wrong?

Rune and Rika sense a disturbance in the Force.

What's going on, you two?

Chaz! We've got to return to Krup right away!


Get a move on it! We're leaving!

Rune and Rika sense a disturbance in the Force.


Chaz! Alys' condition has suddenly taken a turn for the worse!

...Chaz...were able to... meet Rune? That's goo..d...

Alys! Alys! Rune! Can't you do anything with your powers!?

It contains an even more evil power which I can't cure.

Chaz... don't worry. Chaz... ...Ru...ne...

I'm here... I'm right here... Alys.

...Rune... please help... Chaz... Rune...

Don't worry... leave it to me...


Chaz... come here... let me take a good look at you...

From now on... you have to carve out... your own destiny... by yourself...

Alys! Don't say that! Alys!!!

Ch...az... Thank... you...

What... am I doing?


In a far off country, before Alys picked me up, I did some pretty bad things. When I joined forces with Alys as a hunter... I was at last able to earn some money, and live a pretty comfortable life. Everything seemed to be going fine... But now, Alys is gone. Of course I want to avenge her death, but what am I to do? Should I fight? If so, what for?

Money, huh? Do you really think that Alys was fighting just for money?


Is fighting technique the only thing you learned from Alys?


It was really a good thing that I was able to get out of the Bio-Plant. I've learned so much from Seed. About oceans, mountains, towns, and people! There's a big difference between knowledge attained from studying and actual real life experiences.

the bustling of a town, and the warmth of people.

Thank you, Rika.

I think it's best to report on what's happened so far. I plan to convince the academy to come up with a plan of action.

Good. I'm counting on you, Hahn!

I'm also going to return home. The children are waiting for me.

Chaz, keep your spirits up!

OK, we'd better go too!

And that's it for this time. Next time, we avenge Alys and save the planet in one fell swoop.
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 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 02:58pm 02/25/09
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