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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 01:13pm 02/26/12 (07:40pm 02/28/09) in 5h21m39s  §  28486 eyeballs
 Now with more game!
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Alright, now that we've got the means to take down Zio, let's get to it.

We don't get a manga scene here, the electric currents just fade out.

Underneath here is Nurvus, the center of the entire control system!

Zio! Is Zio in there?

Chaz, I know how you feel, but... right now, we've got to shut down Nurvus!

We don't have time to talk about it! We must hurry!

And down we go.

There's some pretty good treasures to be found down here, most of them better equipment for Demi. There's also a Plasma Claw for Rika and a few Dimates here and there, which will be handy for the upcoming battle. The enemies here are also fairly tough, mainly because they like to attack in large groups.

Techmasters are particularly annoying; they like to cast Wat, Foi and Zan spells, and erase any damage you do to them with Gires and Sar spells. Fortunately, they have fairly low HP, so if you concentrate your attacks on one of them at a time they go down pretty fast.

Once you reach an area that looks like this, you'll probably want to exit and heal up before continuing onward. Zio's just a short walk ahead, and you'll probably be low on MP and Skills from gathering all those items on your first trip. So exit, heal up, restock your Dimates, and take the shortest route back here to make sure you're as well-equipped as possible. Being at level 20 or higher couldn't hurt either.

At roughly Level 22, Rune will learn Rever, which revives one ally with about 30 HP. This will also help in case you run out of Medic Power.

Well, well... You've made it here. It was to be expected. You should be aware that one step further is the road to your death. I won't let you escape this time! Oh, reverent one! Lend me power!

Just like last time, he'll put up a barrier before the fight begins. With the Psycho-Wand in hand, however, we now have a way to counter this. Be sure to have someone use it (via the Item menu) on the first turn to lower his defenses while the rest of your party uses their various buffers (Barrier, Saner, War Cry). Zio will spend his next turn casting Nightmare, which will let you put up Rika's Deban and get a few free hits in with your other characters.

From here on out, though, it gets really tricky. Zio uses Corrosion (~50 damage to the whole party), Hewn (ditto) and Black Wave (90+ damage to one character), which are all really nasty. Rika should be using Gires and Sar full-time; if needed, Demi should also use Medic Power to revive anyone who dies, and Chaz should use Gires.

Just keep everyone alive and keep chipping away at Zio, and eventually he'll go down. If he proves too tough, go up a few levels and try again.


Dark Fo... Aaargh!



At this point we're not going to be able to stop Nurvus by normal means. I am going to connect myself directly to Nurvus' system and crack its security.

Connect directly?

Yes, this is goodbye, Chaz.


Good-bye everybody... thanks for everything.

Access main system... Issue top priority interrupt...

Has... has it stopped?

The operation is a success.

Demi! Where are you now?

Right now, all the systems that have been maintaining Motavia are halted. Now there won't be any more disasters.

halted, sooner or later the entire planet will become barren. We must work to restore the functions of each system as soon as possible!

To do that we'll have to do something about Zelan.

That's right. As long as the satellite is sending abnormal signals, we cannot control the system.

Chaz. Why don't we go?

...OK! Let's go to Zelan!

But, this Zelan, isn't it located in outer space?

Don't worry. An emergency shuttle is available at Nurvus. It's being readied for you. I won't be able to leave here just now. I must stay and perform maintenance on each of these systems.

Wren? I know him!

She's got connections all over the solar system.

When I was at the Bio-Plant, I often telecommunicated with him! About half a year ago, I've been unable to reach him on the communication circuits. I've been concerned! Please Chaz, let's go find Wren at Zelan...

Well, good luck with Zelan everybody... Be careful.

A spaceport unearths itself just outside the fortress.

I know, I know. You just can't leave your little sister.

Exactly. Sorry.

Much like the vehicle center, within the Spaceport you can find those cool glowy panels that completely heal the party. Before you head off, however, you may want to sell off your extra equipment - you probably have a lot of redundant stuff from the previous two dungeons.

Alright, let's do it.

Blast off to adventure in the amazing year 400,000,000,000!

There's a bunch of chests readily available on Zelan, containing, among other things, another Plasma Claw, a Plasma Sword and a Pulse Laser, which Wren will be able to put to good use shortly. There's also a "Canceller", which we'll need to get to our next destination.

This is the man-made satellite Zelan, which has complete control over all the environmental systems for all the planets in the Algo solar system. I am the android who manages it all. Rika, finally we meet face to face.

Yes, Wren! I didn't know that you were so tall!

And these other people?

They're great pals!

Who and who are great pals?

Whatever. Anyway, nice to meet you.

This dialog always makes me chuckle.

Demi told us that the reason the systems in Motavia are out of control could be found here... We've come to try and cure the problem, but from the looks of it, it doesn't seem likely.

That's right. Zelan is not causing the systems in Motavia to run out of control. We have no control at all.

What does this all mean?

It is the artificial satellite Kuran that is causing the Motavian systems to run amok. Originally, Kuran was supposed to play a supportive role to Zelan, but somebody has occupied Kuran and usurped our control.

Is that so? Since Zelan is at the top of the chain of command...

Demi must have determined that it was Zelan that had gone awry!

Zelan's telecommunication functions are paralyzed. There isn't even a way to communicate.

So that's why we were incommunicado! I was so worried!

So this means we have to go to Kuran!

Chaz, if it's OK with you, may I accompany you? Zelan is presently completely cut off from all the other systems. It is impossible to do any system restoration from here. I was hoping to go to Kuran to get the situation under control.

Oh Wren, it would be so reassuring if you came with us!

Wow... you have a lot of faith in Wren!

Oh yes! Wren and Seed were my teachers!

This current crisis was brought about by my lack of power. I must take responsibility. It seems that Seed has left me responsible, too...


Why don't we get a move on!

Stop trying to take charge, Rune!

All right then, you take charge - if you can.

What did you say?!

Rika... what's going on here?

Oh, this happens all the time.


Wren is the game's definitive tank character, with the highest HP total by a wide margin and no shortage of defense to boot. His abilities are largely similar to Demi's; he retains Barrier, Spark and Recover and has an offensive move called Flare, which does decent damage to a single target. Like Demi, he'll also earn more as we find installable parts for him. For now, though, move him to the front of the party to take advantage of his defensive ability, and equip him with that Pulse Laser; not only is it stronger than the weapon he's currently equipped with, it has the added bonus of being able to hit every enemy at once.

Oh, and just for reference, Phantasy Star III also had an android character named Wren, but this isn't the same guy. Probably a similar model of android, yes, but not the same one.


Problems in the engine room... that's bad. Well, let's go see what's going on!

I told you, stop taking charge!

Spooky spaceman up to no good!

* Oh my, I've been found out already.

* engines or kill you right here! You're not getting to Kuran!

Here he is, the game's hardest boss! Okay, I'm kidding, he's easy as hell; in fact, he'll probably die in two turns and won't inflict anywhere near enough damage to put you in danger. Despite this, he gives a pretty good chunk of experience.

Rune! Couldn't you have applied a little bit of self-control?!

Shut up! You're in no position to talk!

It's impossible to get back in that orbit! We will be able to make a crash landing on Dezolis, the third planet in the system. Shall we try?

What are you saying! Hey. Hey! Are you OK? Hey!

Calm down, Chaz. You should endeavor not to let your blood pressure become too high.


Why are you all so unconcerned?! Yikes!!!

This scene still makes me laugh every time I see it.

* It's an extremely cold planet covered in snow and ice.

I don't know who's narrating here, exactly.

You wouldn't know it from the sprite, but that was one big f'ing ship. We end up pulverizing a building as we land.

Wow! What a flamboyant landing!


You... what on earth are you?

Huh, it's a Dezolisian. It's the first one I've ever seen!

Answer me, you bonehead! You've destroyed an important temple!

Oh, er, sorry about that!

It looks like we've crushed someone's house...

Who are you people? A girl with horns, and a mechanical doll!

These are ears, I tell you!!!

Please use the word android, will you?

An droid, the droid -- whatever.

Quiet, you old fart!

Hmm, I see... from Motavia... on a ship that flies. Or flew, anyway, before it fell. That's extraordinary... Four Motavians flee, fly -- and fall, right on my Temple hall.

Ha, ha, ha! What a funny old man!


Chaz, this shuttle is done for. It's beyond repair.

What shall we do?

Hey, old man.

My name is Raja! You'd better remember that, little girl.

Ah, yes... Raja. Are there any facilities where we can fix this ship?

None that I know of.

Then how are we going to fix our ship?

I'm not. But... hee, hee, I do have some welcome news for you.

What, what, what, what?

There are other spaceships on Dezolis?!

Tell us where, old man!

Hee, hee, okay I'll tell, but on one condition.

A condition?

This sounds interesting. Take me along.


If you do I'll overlook the destruction of the temple.

I don't want to drag this old man around with us... what shall we do?

I don't mind. I like him. He's kind of interesting.

I don't think we have much choice.

It seems a very practical choice.

Oh? Then, let's go!

Great! Now listen carefully! A long, long time ago, Parmanians came here to Dezolis on a ship that traveled the skies. It is said that the ship still exists in the town of their descendants!

Is this true?

Of course it's true!

Chaz, under the circumstances, we have no choice but to rely on this information and go there.

And where is this town?

It's a Parmanian town called 'Tyler' a short distance northwest of here! Everyone, let's get going!

All right, all right...

Raja is, without a doubt, the best supporting character in the game. Not only does he use healing techs to great effect (one basic Res can restore over 70 HP, as opposed to 30 for most characters), but he has the extremely useful skills Blessing (same effect as Deban), Miracle (restores HP to everyone, including Androids) and Ataraxia (restores some TP to the entire party). His lone attacking skill (Saint Fire) isn't too shabby either; it's Holy element, so it's especially potent against dark and demonic enemies.

Upon stepping outside, we get a bit more dialog...

Wow! What a heavy snow storm!

This has been going on for three months now. This planet has always had a cold climate, but even I have never seen anything like this!

There must be a malfunction in the Dezolisian climate control system.

No, I bet the cause of all this lies in the Garuberk Tower!

The Garuberk Tower?

Raja, what makes you think that?

It's a feeling I have. And my feelings are always good -- get it?

The music stops and we get a moment of dead silence.

Ha, ha ha!


This kicks off the trend of Rika enjoying Raja's jokes while the rest of the party tries their hardest to ignore him.


Heading a bit north, we come to the Dezolisian town of Ryuon. There's only one required event here, but you can get a few more corny jokes out of Raja by talking to people if you wish.

Anyway, let's hit up the bar to talk to Gyuna and get some useful information.

Oh my, a first-time customer. Ah, you're friends of Raja. In that case, I'll tell you anything.

Do you want to know about the damage from the snowstorm?

(Answer Yes) - This snow storm started three months ago, and hasn't stopped since. It's been a terrible disaster, hats being blown off all over the place and lips getting chapped!

Hats? Lips?

Ahem! But the biggest problem is the wall of ice! The storm has left snow drifts all over the place, and has created walls of ice. This has divided Dezolis up into parts. We can't get anywhere!

Do you want to know about the Garuberk Tower?

(Answer Yes) - It's said that there's a tower somewhere in Dezolis where the demons live. As the story goes, the tower suddenly appeared overnight!

That's it! It's those demons who are destroying the universe! Algo is under a curse!

Could what Raja says be true?

That I don't know. But, Raja being what he is, he may be sensing something.

And you have no idea at all where the Garuberk Tower is?

All who've seen it say something different. ...All I can say is that it's up north somewhere.

I see...

Do you want to know about Raja?

(Answer Yes) - I've known him a long time. He's a weird one... but, he's a skilled magician, and he's well-liked at Gumbious Temple.

Wow. I can't believe it. That old freak?!

But, he was tricked by those who were jealous of him, and was banished to this rural place.

Really... it doesn't seem possible.

I detect sarcasm.

Actually Raja himself is quite happy that he was able to get away from that constrained temple! He's a good guy! He's a good friend of mine.

Do you want to know about the whereabouts of the space ship?

(Answer Yes) - Are you talking about the space ship that is underground in the town of Tyler? I don't know a lot about it, but apparently, if you take a good look at the grave, a path will open for you.

A grave...?

The armor shop also sells a Silver Mantle and a Silver Circle, which are both a step up for Rune. Grab those before you leave.


Head a bit northwest and we'll soon come to Tyler, which offers some mediocre weaponry and some neat armor for Chaz and Rika. You can also give Rune two Silver Shields to replace his Psy-Shields. You should have more than enough money from all the stuff we scrounged from Zio's Fort and Zelan to do all of this.

Alright, let's check out that grave.

'Here lies the great leader Tyler... Touch us... listen to our voice... Entrust that body to us...' So this is Tyler's grave...

Lying alone... what a horrible fate.

Gyuna said to inspect this grave closely, but I don't see anything... There's just this inscription... Ahh!? The plate just moved!

It moved? Chaz, push it again!


Wow! Incredible!

Maybe there's a space ship down there? Let's go see!

Another brief history lesson: Tyler was a space pirate in Phantasy Star II who left Algo when he became tired of life under the rule of Mother Brain, taking many others with him. About mid-way through the game, he rescues the party from the artificial satellite Gaira before it crashes into Parma. Apparently he returned to Algo after Mother Brain's defeat, founded several Parmanian colonies on Dezolis and became revered as something of a hero.


We have a short walk through a misspelled "Hanger" first, which is really just a cave. There's only one chest down here, with some Zirconium Gear for Wren, and a few enemies which are oddly resistant to fire attacks but weak against ice.

So this is the space ship the Parmanians used in coming here so long ago!

Here's an emblem. L-a-n-d-a-l-e... 'Landale'!

It's called a Landale. What a cool name!

Appropriately, Tyler's ship is named after the first game's protagonist, Alis Landale.

So, how is it. Hey, Wren!

Hey! Don't ignore me!

With a little maintenance, it could be perfectly useful.

Whew! We sure are in luck!

Wren, make preparations for takeoff!


Another spaceport reveals itself outside Tyler.


And that's it for this entry. Next time: We head to Kuran and have our first run-in with the evilest of the evil.
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