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 Now with more game!
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So this is the artifical satellite Kuran that has sent the entire planetary control system out of whack.

My head is out of whack! Man am I dizzy!

Come on, let's go.

Yes, we must hurry to the main control center!

You, you...


More mechanical enemies in here. There's also a few decent treasures laying around; mostly equipment for Wren. In other words, it's your average mechanical dungeon.

Wren can also earn his first new skill a short distance in by opening the first treasure chest you see.

Hello. What's this?

It's an internal weapon unit for androids. I surmise that it is a Hyper-Jammer.

Hyper Jammer?

It is a weapon that temporarily scrambles the AI of machines with strong electromagnetic waves. There seems to be no incompatibility in its specification, so let's install it.

Device installed. Hyper Jammer can now be used.

As implied, the Hyper Jammer stuns all mechanical enemies temporarily. It may not work on all of them, though.

We also have our first run in with enemy combination attacks here. Neither of these enemy types are a very big threat on their own, but when together they can unleash a combination attack that does about 60 damage to the whole party. Pretty annoying, but we'll get some cool ones later ourselves.

Near the end, you'll get a brief dialog scene:

So, this is the main control center?

I shall search for the cause of the malfunction right away.

Wait! What's that?

What? Where?

Over there, in the shadows!


Once you see this scene, stop where you are. Confirm that your party is at least at Level 22 and has their HP and MP replenished before you continue on. If you're low on MP, Raja's Ataraxia skill can restore it; however, it can only be used in battle, so you'll have to backtrack a bit and fight a few mundane enemies to use it.

You might also wish to set up a Macro before continuing on:

Rika: Saner
Raja: Blessing
Wren: Barrier
Chaz: Githu
Rune: Gifoi

Get everyone's defense buffed up and throw in a little damage for good measure. Nathu does light-element damage, so it's more effective than Crosscut here.

Once you're ready, head back in.

Dark... Force!

Did you say Dark Force!? You mean the Dark Force who revived Zio as a god?

It appears that Dark Force is the cause of everything. Let us remove it.

Easier said than done.

OK! I'm going for it!


Our first run-in with the series' iconic villain, who has appeared as a major foe in every game. He's even continued on into many of the series spinoffs; he was the final boss of Phantasy Star Online, and a similar entity (oddly named "Dulk Fakis") was the main antagonist of Phantasy Star Universe.

In this fight, he'll use various android techniques against you, including Flare Shot and Phononmezer; fortunately, his variation is much less dangerous than Demi's. He also has one we haven't seen yet; Burst Rocket, which can inflict upwards of 70 damage to the entire party. Fortunately, with Raja's powerful healing magic around, these attacks are much less of a threat.

If you get a chance to use it, his Saint Fire can also inflict heavy damage. As I stated earlier, it's holy element, not fire, so it's especially potent against dark monsters.

After he takes about 4500 damage, the battle will end and you'll get a ton of experience.

Yep! We've won! OK Wren! Get Kuran back to normal!


Rune, can I ask you something?

What is it?

How did you know... that monster was the Dark Force Zio was talking about?


I'll tell you sometime. Just wait until then, will you?



do is make some final adjustments at Zelan. What is the matter?

Ah... nothing.

Let's go to Zelan!

All the main systems for the Algo environment are working properly.

Well, we've been through a lot, but I guess we've solved everything.


The snowstorm hasn't stopped? Has the control system for Dezolis been restored?

Yes. Everything is in working order.

I TOLD YOU! Didn't I tell you that the Garuberk Tower was the cause? The demons that live in the Garuberk Tower are creating the blizzard! Why don't you listen to me once in a while?!

Er... ahem.

Anyway, this means there is some other cause for the snowstorm in Dezolis, right?

Now even Rika's not listening to him. Harsh.

If the snowstorm continues unabated, there is a danger that the Parmanians and even the Dezolisians will perish.

Let's go to Dezolis!

As the mission has not been accomplished, I shall continue my responsibilities.

Hmmph... unless I go you won't be able to get anything done, eh Chaz? What with Dezolis in a wall of ice, we won't be able to move around freely. What shall we do?

If we use the Ice Digger we can break through walls of ice.

Ice Digger? What's that?

In planning for action on Dezolis I had an ice breaking car built.

Why don't you tell us these things sooner?

I shall load it onto the Landale.

An unrelenting snowstorm...


The Ice Digger operates pretty much the same as the Landrover, except that it can also drill through walls of ice. It's also got a higher SP total and two new sub-weapons for you to play with. So, let's head through the ice wall to the northwest and end up at the town of Zosa.

* This is the town of Zosa. The egg of the Dezolis Penguin is our special product!

Rune, do you think it's cute?

Not really.

No fun at all.

We also hear the first of Gumbious Temple and a bit more about the Garuberk Tower here:

* The Garuberk Tower is located beyond the forest of carnivorous trees. Apparently it's not a place that you can get to!

The armor shop simply has a Phantarobe, which is some better armor for Rune and Raja. The weapon store has some pretty cool stuff though.

They're a bit more powerful than the stuff we have now, but more importantly, that these items each cast spells when used via the item menu; the Flame Sword casts Flaeli, the Thunder Claw casts Tandle, the Tornado Dagger casts Hewn and the Dream Rod casts Bindwa, all at no cost. So even when you find some better gear for your party, it's still to your benefit to keep these around.

The Flame Sword can also be set to your basic attacking Macro; have Rune use it instead of his Flaeli skill. Boom, no more running out in the middle of a dungeon. You can also set up variations with Tandle (for mechanical enemies) and Hewn (for fire-resistant enemies) if you wish.


Alright, let's take a short break at this point for some sidequests. We're heading back to Motavia!

The Hunter's Guild has three new jobs.

'Our household pet 'Rocky' has disappeared. Please find him...' that is the message. This certainly doesn't seem to be the caliber of work for a hunter. The fee offered is 2000 Meseta. Will you take on this request?

* You sure must have a lot of spare... no, no -- I'm so very thankful! The fact of the matter is that Rocky, our daughter's dog, is missing. We searched the town, but couldn't find him. And outside the town with all those monsters... That's why we went to the Hunter's Guild. I beseech you, help us!

This quest is pretty simple. First, you have to get a Shortcake from a semi-hidden shop in Aiedo; to get there, you start at the gate of town and sneak around the left wall, Dragon Warrior style.

This is a small tribute to the original Phantasy Star, wherein you'd have to venture to the bottom of a dungeon and pay a large chunk of change to get a Shortcake as a gift for Motavia's governor.

Anyway, once you have that, head to Monsen and talk to the dog on the south end of town twice and the job will be completed.

That was one interesting dog!

Perhaps... there's a trait that he has in common with you!

Don't be ridiculous!


Next up: Missing Student.

We have a request from the caretaker of the student dorms in Piata. 'One of the students entrusted to our care has disappeared. Please find her...' The fee offered is 3000 Meseta. Will you take on this request?

* Oh, you're the hunter from the guild? Pl... please help! The fact of the matter is that one of the female students living here is missing! Apparently, she has become an enthusastic devotee of some kind of religion and just up and left. I thought the infatuation would pass and eventually she'd come back, but she still hasn't... I have the terrible responsibility of being entrusted with the care of another's child! With a blunder like this, even the academy's reputation could be tarnished! Please, could you bring her back here before things become known to the public? I appreciate the trouble I'm putting you through.

The wording here always makes me laugh.

Well, all this should sound familiar. To Kadary we go!

(I had a screenshot of this area, but it's gone missing. Sorry!)

Yes, let's go back to Piata!

You'll take me back? Th... thank... you

Hey, you! Are you all right!?

I... am... hungry...

* She should be given something nutritious to eat.

Hmm, something nutritious...

Remember back in Termi...

Yes, this is the item we need.

* Hey! You're holding a Perolymate! Does that bring back memories! That has high nutritional value! I used to eat those back in the old days! Lemme see, let's give it to this girl!

Oh. What has happened to me?

Thank goodness you've revived! Now, let's go back to Piata.

* Thank you so much! Now we can keep up appearances at this dorm. We shall remit the agreed upon fee to the guild! Oh, and also... I would appreciate it if you could keep this matter to yourselves.


Granted it was due to Zio's spell, but how can a human being change so drastically?

It sure is scary!


And finally, Fissure of Fear, which sounds like a Disneyland ride.

This is a request from Eddie who lives in Monsen. 'My son has fallen into a crack in the earth! Please help my son!' The fee offered is 5000 meseta. Will you take on this request?

Yes, Eddie is a woman.

*You see, I let my son, Tallas, play outside, but he simply disappeared. I've asked around, and I've been told that he fell into the crack in front of our house! Since then, I haven't been able to do anything. Of course I want to rescue him, but creepy groaning sounds have been coming out of the crack! Oh please! Rescue my son!

This conversation causes the sign outside to move, so that you can enter the fissure.

Wh... what's this? There's an underground cave like this in Monsen?

I wonder where on earth Tallas has gotten to?

There's not much to say about this area, really; it's just a short little cave section with some rather easy slug enemies. I think the intent Sega had here was for you to do this quest before the first fight with Dark Force, as I'm capable of taking out everything I run into in a single hit at this point.

It's a really big slug.

Oh no, Chaz, Tallas... This monster couldn't have...

Cut it out, it's bad luck to even think such a thing!

It's coming for us!

This fight's easy, since he can only attack one character at a time for moderate damage. Pelt him with fire spells and this fight will be over in a flash.

Yeah, definitely should have came here before doing Kuran.

Is this the other side of the planet?

Yikes! Were you really eaten?

Thank goodness! You seem to be all right. You would have been digested had we not come along in time.

Oh yeah, that's right. I was attacked by some weird slug.

You know, we saved your life.

Oh. Thanks, mister!



* Thank you so much! To tell you the truth, I had lost hope. I'm so glad he's safe! I mustn't let him out of my sight again. I shall send the agreed upon commission fee to the guild.

No commentary when you finish this one, strangely.


Alright, that's it for this time. Next entry: we investigate the evildoings on Dezolis.
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Dark Force defeated

A bit of humor with the Dezolis Penguin.
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