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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 05:10pm 03/02/10 (05:04pm 03/02/10) in 5m28s  §  6304 eyeballs
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 Top ten lists of whatever the hell.
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I can probably think of a lot more than this, but just so that we're not here all day, I've trimmed it down to just ten of my personal picks with an honorable mention for good measure. Let's dig it.

Honorable Mention: Knuckles Chaotix - While certainly not the best Sonic title, it is among the most obscure, having been released on the short-lived 32X platform and never seeing release on any sort of compilation since; in fact, the only recent attention it's received is being playable on the online Gametap service. Still, I think it's an interesting footnote in Sega's history, and it's actually a pretty fun game once you get used to its quirks. Come on Sega, throw it on Virtual Console for like $10, I'll buy it!
Average resale price: $30-$75, depending upon completeness.

10. Wasteland - I still have a hard time believing that this game is a mere one year younger than I am, as it has some incredible depth and gameplay innovations that set it far ahead of its time, and amazingly are STILL rarely seen in today's RPGs. But, as has been the fate of far too many good games and companies to count, it's all over once EA gets their hands on you. You get stripped down, sold out and left to rot in their sub-basement vault of doom forever. Because after all, if you don't want to invest the time to strap down and make a decent, original game, the next best thing is systematically eliminating the competition by buying them out, firing everyone and then refusing to sell or license their IPs at any price so people have no choice but to buy your garbage, right?
Average resale price: Being really old and pretty damn obscure, the pricing is a total crapshoot.

9. Wild Guns - This may surprise a good chunk of you, but once upon a time, Natsume made more than just Harvest Moon sequels and spinoffs; in fact, they made quite a few solid action games - Shatterhand, Pocky and Rocky and Shadow of the Ninja, to name a few of them. But my favorite by far is this, a frantic third-person shoot-em-up action title for the SNES. The game is set in the old west, where you blow up hordes of outlaws who inexplicably have access to giant robots and other mechanical weaponry to attack you with. It's absolute craziness, yes, but it's great fun; hell, it bears more than a passing resemblance to one of my all-time favorites, Sin and Punishment, so it's high time it got some wider recognition.
Average resale price: Around $60 for a loose cart.

8. EVO: The Search for Eden - Another super-rare title for the SNES. It's a great concept, though - starting out as a lowly fish, then slowly evolving into new forms first to defeat enemies and then later to advance through Earth's life cycle into various forms (even potentially becoming human by the end) in order to assure the survival of your planet. It's basically an RPG version of Spore without the dumbed-down gameplay and crippling spyware EA crams into everything to invade their customers' privacy and generally treat them like shit. Unfortunately, the company behind the game, an obscure little house named Givro, is now bankrupt, but surely someone can pick up the rights to it and let a new generation of gamers experience its greatness?
Average resale price: $60-$100 for a loose cart.

7. Simpsons, Alien VS Predator, and X-Men arcade games - Yes, they're licensed properties. But hey, that didn't stop TMNT from getting an XBox live port, now did it? Come on, guys, set the legal bullshit aside and give us some more great games that to date have still never been released outside of the arcades!
Average resale price: $500 or more. They're not very rare, but keep in mind that these are big, bulky arcade cabinets we're talking about.

6. Bubble Bobble Part II - No, not Bubble Symphonies. No, not that piece of crap Rainbow Islands. I speak of Bubble Bobble Part II, a great NES title that came out well after the system had given way for the Super Nintendo, and as a result was relegated to rental-only status in scattered Blockbuster stores, something which has made it an extremely rare find today. A pity, as it's one of the best-looking, sounding and playing platformers on the whole damn system. Taking Bubble Bobble (a classic in any old-school gamer's book) and vastly improving it with minigames, more boss fights and three new types of power bubbles, as well as a much-needed powerup that allows players to take extra hits before dying, it's really a pity that Taito has totally shunned this game since. And now that Square owns Taito, the chances of ever seeing it rereleased again have fallen to approximately zilch.

Panic Restaurant and Little Samson also deserve a mention for being in similar straits: late release, little promotion, unnoticed then and horribly overpriced now.
Average resale price: $120+ for a loose cart.

5. Terranigma - Hell, I could go a step further and put Quintet's entire legendary trilogy (Soulblazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma) on here, but I'll just settle for the least-known of the three. With a blend of amazing visuals, stellar music, a dark plotline and much-refined and improved overhead action gameplay, it's a real mystery as to why it was never released in North America and we're all being forced to pay out the nose for an English European version. It's not especially likely to happen now that Quintet is apparently trapped in some sort of mysterious limbo, unable to report on their current whereabouts or whether they're even still around in any official capacity, but maybe someone could work out a deal to get this released on the Virtual Console?
Average resale price: $35 for a Japanese version, $195 for the Euro version, and an utterly hilarious $1200 sealed copy of the Euro version sighted on Amazon.

4. Snatcher - Wha? A Kojima gem that I didn't know about? What do you mean it's only gotten an American release on Sega CD, was one of the last games for the thing, and I have to pay out the ass for a copy? I mean, it's a great game and all, combining elements of adventure, action and shooter (one of the few games that actually uses the Genesis' light gun) all into one gigantic game, but surely it deserves to be on a better system and at a lower price, right?
Average resale price: $120 for a loose CD, upwards of $200 for a complete copy.

3. Suikoden II - One of the finest RPGs on the original Playstation, sadly overlooked for its "dated" 2D visuals in an era where shitty 3D models composed of eight polygons each were considered "cutting edge". What really burns my balls, though, is that this game AND its predecessor are on a compilation for the PSP, but for some reason it was never even considered for release outside of Japan! Come on, guys, take one look at eBay. See all those copies of Suikoden 1 and 2 selling for hundreds of dollars each? There's demand for those titles, get them out here at a price you won't have to take out a home loan for!
Average resale price: $200+ complete.

2. Radiant Silvergun - Or as its known to a large number of eBay sellers, "Cha-ching!". An incredible game by legendary developer Treasure, featuring just the right combination of strategy, intense difficulty, insane action and utter weirdness mashed into an overhead shooter. Unfortunately, it only received a release in Japanese arcades and for the Sega Saturn, a system which couldn't have bombed harder outside of Japan if it tried. As a result, the game received a short printing run of approximately 50,000 units; not a small amount by any means, but due to extraordinary fan demand it's frequently seen selling for over $200 online. Treasure has hinted that they may have the game follow in Ikaruga's footsteps and get a port to the Xbox LIVE service, though; here's hoping!
Average resale price: Anywhere from $195 to a fucking GRAND for a sealed copy.

1. EarthBound - A legendary game unfortunately denied its due by western audiences' rather low response to Japanese RPGs at the time of its release, then further ignored as games like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger came in and wowed everyone with their flashy gameplay and graphics. It seemed that's deterred Nintendo of America from ever bothering with the series again, as neither the Mother 1+2 Compilation or Mother 3's Japanese release (or possibility of translation) had at all been acknowledged by them. It's been registered fairly recently on the ESRB site, suggesting a Virtual Console release, but apparently due to some arcane legal issues this hasn't yet come to pass. Regardless, here's hoping that it eventually lands on there and gives this series some of the recognition it deserves.
Average resale price: $80 for a loose cart, over $200 for a complete copy.
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 ~Washuu  §  at 06:00pm 03/02/10
EVO was an amazing game. I am happy to know that someone else knows of its existence.

Also, reading this, I am reminded that I STILL have to finish Suikoden II.
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