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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 05:53am 04/06/10 (08:46pm 03/07/10) in 39m28s  §  2825 eyeballs
 We love Virtual Console but man fuck writing a full review of something we just paid six dollars for. Have a Quick Hit instead.
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The logical followup to Mega Man 9's runaway success, featuring eight new robot masters, 13 new stages, multiple stage routes, an even sillier storyline, and plenty of platforming and boss fights to keep you entertained. Hardcore fans will also have a ton of new challenges to complete for bragging rights, and being able to play as Protoman right off the bat is a first for the series.

The stage design feels a bit generic this time around; with few exceptions, everything here has been done before in previous games, and the new obstacles aren't much to write home about. A stark contrast to Mega Man 9's creative obstacles, to say the least. The music also falls flat; it's not terrible, just rather low-tempo and forgettable, but that's a pretty big omission for a Mega Man title. Hell, I still have Metal Man's theme stuck in my head for at least a week every time I replay Mega Man 2.

In spite of these faults it's still a very fun game, but definitely not Classic Mega Man's strongest entry. But hey, even at his worst, Mega Man is still a hell of a lot more fun and engaging than, say, God of War.

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 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 05:52am 04/06/10
First batch of downloadable content came out today.

Bass Mode - Play as Bass! Surprisingly, he plays almost exactly as he did in Megaman and Bass, with a seven-directional, rapid-firing weapon and his Treble Boost item that grants him a triple-shot attack and lets him fly freely around the screen. Doesn't have his double jump anymore, but hey, he doesn't need it when he can fly. 200 Points.

Special Stage 1 - A remake of the first fortress stage from Dr. Wily's Revenge, complete with Enker as the final boss. 100 Points.
 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 12:41am 04/30/10
More DLC this week.

Endless Mode - Pretty much the same idea as Mega Man 9's, see how many screens you can clear before you get killed. 300 points.

Special Stage 2 - A remake of Punk's stage from Mega Man 3 on Game Boy, featuring secret end boss Punk! 100 points.

Special Stage 2 - A remake of Ballade's first fortress stage from Mega Man 4 on Game Boy, featuring - who else - Ballade! 100 points.

No love for Quint or his ridiuculous pogo stick. But hey, you've got three obscure Mega Man villains to fight, and you can even use their weapons after beating them!
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