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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 07:47pm 07/23/11 (11:00pm 05/05/10) in 1h27m26s  §  5468 eyeballs
 anchors: nuked
The original Sin and Punishment game was a fun blend of rail shooter and platforming elements, with some wild, over-the-top action scenes to top it off. Star Successor, on the other hand, starts off chaotic and only grows moreso as the game progresses, until it becomes extremely hard to even keep track of everything that's going on - at any given time, you're likely being attacked from no less than half a dozen enemies. It quickly becomes a monumental task to juggle aiming, dodging numerous attacks, collecting powerups to keep yourself in the game, and using whichever of your numerous attack options is best to your advantage at any given moment, not to mention quickly determining which enemies are an immediate threat and which will be in a moment (or at all). But most frustrating is the occasional moment where you'll be overwhelmed and killed within moments of beginning a stage, continue, and be dropped right back into the same tight spot, with your only option to be killed a dozen times or more before you figure out what you must do to survive.

In short, it's a game that gets your blood and reflexes racing and never lets go, but it does so a little too well - you'll have to die many, many times in some places before you adapt enough to the anarchy onscreen to survive long enough to overcome the challenge, only to likely be thrust into ANOTHER situation that's just as harrowing. If you fancy yourself a true hardcore gamer and don't mind having to die, restart and practice stages dozens or even hundreds of times to do well, this is your game.
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 ~SHITTLE  §  at 11:57pm 05/05/10
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