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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 02:10am 07/06/10 (09:34pm 07/03/10) in 5m0s  §  4300 eyeballs
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From: Matt Doty (ohnoninja@live.com)
Subject: Original MSTron crew representing here

Good job on continuing where we left off (after our coder got married to a whale and turned into a huge sobbing crybaby (and got arrested for transporting weapons)). Good to see the spirit of multiple people contributing bullshit mockery continuing, even though we basically ripped off the idea from the ancient website that used to answer submitted questions ages ago (God damn I cannot even remember the name, but it started with MS too). Also I hope nobody contributed to the MSTron paypal that was on the main page, we never saw a cent of it, it was added by the host and the coder pretty much made off with all of it.

In case you're curious, I was the guy who mostly posted as Vash the Stampede. And if you're curious about anything regarding it, I can answer as best my memory serves, though I am fairly slow at replying to e-mails (I still recall who played what character, generally. They weren't linked to any accounts, anyone could post as anyone, but we all had our personal favorites). I don't have a backup of the MSTron, never thought Warskunk would somehow destroy the coding as badly as he did (He's not the coder, Seg was, I'm sure he had no idea how it worked or how to fix it). And the images have been broken forever because Seg just leeched images from webcomics because he was worthless. (Hengeyokai went dead only like a couple of months after we MS'd it, replaced by a few panels of sketches and then nothing at all, for instance. I have no idea how many people actually got to see the original naked dog-boys.)


My reply:

Good to hear from one of the original MSTroners; we were all big fans of the site ever since I stumbled upon it ages ago. Just glad I ripped a copy of it before the code got wrecked and made the site inaccessible. (I'm currently hosting it on my own webspace at http://killass.lardpirates.com/mstron/default.html)

I think it was Rattar who came up with the idea to continue the MSTings; I know he was the one who found and posted the rest of Planeswalker and the PKF comic. I found almost everything else, including that godawful One Piece fanfic we spent a few months on (they should just be glad I didn't follow through on my threat to replace it with a horrible Disgaea fanfic, heh.)

Do you remember who did the Mooninites and the banter between Edge and Batsu? Those were always my favorites.

Spoony Spoonicus


Edge and Batsu were entirely a contribution by two people I know, Thor and 'Vu. Thor I still hang out with and 'Vu left the group years and years ago. I can never tell which one was which because they alternated so often and wrote so similarly. (And there was no way any of us could tell who posted as who, if you got the code I'm sure you can see how much of a mess it was on the contributors side.) If you want me to pass along a message to him, I sure can (I can see he's chatting about what a terrible director M. Night Shyamalan is in another window, guess which movie we've all been watching.) The banter between seperate characters is kind of funny, only a quarter of a time was it one person setting up a joke, the other seventy-five percent of the time it was two of us just pinging off one-another.

The Mooninites were done by Rain mostly, he's our local druggie, which is hilarious because he's also one of the most uptight college guys you ever met. He's the kind of guy that will show up in an ascot and a sweater, but then can later be seen smoking pot and singing along to rap with a bunch of urban dudes. No one else could play the Mooninites besides him.. much like how Garrett could only be played by our resident old, jaded gamer. It's possible Itachi also did some Mooninites, but I'm not sure. (He did Black Mage, mostly)

I gotta catch up on the new ones, but I saw you had hosted an old version of the site and I was looking through it before getting distracted (it reminded me to look through some of my old writings), so I admit I haven't read through all the ones you guys have been doing. I did start into one of the Gonterman ones you guys had going (I believe it was NiGHTS: The Third Dreamer, namely because my first reaction was 'How did we miss THIS?!', but that may be because we had lost our resident Gonterman expert, Vulpes, pretty early)

Thor and 'Vu also contributed to H4x0r Economist(http://www.rdwarf.com/users/kioh/), which was a comic started by another person in our group (and the guy who played Alan Greenspan in the MSTron). Needless to say, if you want some really dated early 2k humor, there's the place to go.


I was pretty amazed myself when I stumbled upon NiGHTS. I'd never seen it before or even heard mention of it on any of the Gonterman sites out there; I guess he either took it down pretty fast or it just got overshadowed by his more infamous works (or both). If memory serves, I found it on a small archive site on Tripod or a similar free provider, nestled amongst links of all the stuff everybody knows about (Blood and Metal, American Kitsune, etc). I could never locate that site again after the fact, so I made a point to get NiGHTS posted when we started doing our own MST project. Strange to think that we may very well have saved a Gonterman work from being lost forever.

Giving H4x0r Economist a read as we speak. Good to entertain that bit of immature humor in us all once in a while.

Let the other guys know the Lardpirates all got a kick out of their work!

Spoony Spoonicus http://killass.lardpirates.com/


I'd say you were doing the Lord's work, but I'm not a liar. You're preserving the remains of zombie Hitler. I mean, you've made him into target practice and are giving away paintguns, but still, you've brought back zombie Hitler.

H4x0r Economist is now forever trapped in the era when Jeff K. was considered funny and Geocities was a reliable host. A friend of mine nearly killed me because I got them typing like Jeff K. because I did it every time I wanted to make fun of someone. Ah, the days when l33t sp34k existed outside of Megatokyo. (Why it still exists in Megatokyo is beyond me. Why Megatokyo still exists is beyond me, as well.)

I'm reading up on the NiGHTS one, haha, jeeze.. some things never change. Been a while since I stared at a Gonterman panel trying to decide if the main character is molesting a stop light robot or not. How can someone do something for so long and yet their artwork does not change at all? It's like Jack (by David Hopkins), which has been stuck in this art void for ten years. And story void because it's always been retarded and always will be, and yet, in some twist that even Loki would not own up to, is extremely popular (Or at least was when I last checked a couple of years ago).

So far you've gotten support from all of us. And if you want a hang-out to talk about games or anything, and know how MUSHes, MUDs or MUCKs work, I can get you an account on our chatroom. We've had it running for the past 8 years, so it'll probably be around for a while, and you don't seem like the 4chan meme spewing robots we've purposely avoided. (Which is ironic since Jeff K. was totally the meme of our generation)
 rawks  §  rad comments, dogg.
 ~Azul Rojo  §  at 01:53am 07/04/10
Wow, that is badass. Too bad about their site getting all fucked up, though.

Now, what's this about a Disgaea fanfic? Is it full of mind-fucking trauma and butchered characters?
 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 11:05am 07/04/10
The description had the words "laxative burritos".

I shall say no more.
 ~vinic  §  at 10:47am 07/06/10
This rules.
 ~Dudley  §  at 12:54pm 07/06/10
it always makes me warm inside when someone sends one of us an email. Its reassuring to know that our site is actually visible to outsiders.
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