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 lard pirates dawt cawm  §  Pac-Man Championship Edition Deluxe (Xbox Live Arcade) / by Spoony Spoonicus
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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 05:26pm 11/22/10 (06:37pm 11/19/10) in 38m47s  §  2689 eyeballs
 We love Virtual Console but man fuck writing a full review of something we just paid six dollars for. Have a Quick Hit instead.
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Much like the first game, Pac-Man: Championship Edition Deluxe has you trying to rack up a high score by gobbling dots in an ever-shifting maze, utilizing a power pill occasionally to wipe out pursuing ghosts and rack up tons more points in the process. However, new to this version are numerous new maze layouts and several new tricks and tactics to the gameplay. Throughout each maze layout are "sleeping" ghosts, which wake up as you pass by them but stay in place. They aren't much of a danger until one of the chasing ghosts pass by, at which point they follow closely behind them, forming an ever-growing conga line that gradually becomes harder and harder to avoid (not unlike the game "Snake"). Of course, the longer you manage to dodge it, the greater the payoff when you finally get a power pellet and chomp down a long line of them - it's not uncommon to gobble 50 or more ghosts in one go once you start getting better and better at the game. Gobbling ghosts also increases the game's speed and grants you a multiplier, giving you bonus points for eating fruits and dots.

Another new feature are the "bombs", which let you bail out of danger a set number of times - as you become cornered, the game temporarily lapses into super slow motion, urging you to hit the bomb button and save yourself. This sends any ghost conga lines back to the center of the board momentarily in exchange for lowering your score multiplier. Of course, you'll want to use them as little as possible if you're going for points, but it's a nice little bonus while you're still learning the ins and outs of the gameplay.

Another gameplay option is the Time Trial stages, which present the challenge of eating a given number of fruits in the shortest time possible. An innovative feature here is that you can set the timer to start at your previous best time - improve it or die! There are also "dark" versions of each stage which blank out much of the screen except for a small area around Pac-man and the ghosts (and very briefly show the newly-changed layout each time you collect a fruit).

Short version: It's what you'd expect of a Pac-Man game - simple to learn but surprisingly tough to master, fast-paced, and with a heavy emphasis on classic risk-versus-reward gameplay. Great fun at a very reasonable price ($10).

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