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 lard pirates dawt cawm  §  Hard Corps: Uprising (PSN/XBLA) / by Spoony Spoonicus
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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 12:17am 03/16/11 (12:14am 03/16/11) in 13m51s  §  2276 eyeballs
 We love Virtual Console but man fuck writing a full review of something we just paid six dollars for. Have a Quick Hit instead.
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Apparently the game's director decided to spin off Contra: Hard Corps into its own series, and this was the first result of that experiment. Fortunately, it's a good one, and is considerably more forgiving in difficulty than many of its predecessors. For one, you can actually take more than one hit before dying (with a few exceptions), and the gameplay is considerably more slow and methodical than most Contra games - you're allowed a bit of breathing room between obstacles, and bosses are much more heavily based on pattern memorization and timing than sheer twitch reflex. You're also afforded a dash, air-dash, and the ability to cancel or reflect enemy projectiles with certain attacks to further avoid damage.

The game also features a "Rising Mode" that allows you to purchase powerups with points you earn during the stages - from beginning with increased firepower for certain weapons to extra life bar units to new evasive maneuvers. It adds a nice bit of customizability to the game, and lets you get some practice in for the Arcade and Online game modes, which both leave your characters with a basic set of default abilities.

A nice blend of classic Contra with a few new elements to make it more accessible to newer fans. The only really lame part is Konami's bonehead decision to release more than half of the playable characters as paid DLC on the very first day of the game's release. Come on dudes, nobody wants to shell out another $7.50 for three characters - that's half what we paid for the damn game. Just bump the price up another five bucks and include the whole game as a complete package next time.

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