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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 02:55am 03/25/11 (02:18am 03/25/11) in 37m59s  §  8054 eyeballs
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"The Switcher" is the mind responsible for countless "Stupidity" videos, compiling the silliest, funniest and just plain dumbest moments of old cartoons (generally those based on video games), occasionally mixing in sound effects for extra humor, as well as slow-mo and replay to highlight especially dumb moments and animation mistakes. They're quite funny, actually, and you can check them out on his Youtube channel.

(His original YT account was removed due to some bullshit copyright claim from Disney, but he's reuploading his old videos sporadically, so check back often!)

Anyway, his other project is "Two Best Friends Play", where he and his buddy play and comment on various games, usually heaping on tons of profanity and verbal abuse toward one another. It is also quite funny due to its relatability - I think anyone who grew up playing games with their friends has had more than a few conversations like this.

But enough of that. You're here for the quotes. Check em out, and then go watch the episodes on Youtube and have a few laughs. (You can find them all under "Favorites" on his channel.)

"Man... fuck this! I'm not playing this anymore. I'm not playing it. No. No. Fuck it. Fuck you."
"So would you want to help chip in so I can buy the full version?"

"Sweet, now that zombie is Blanka."
(Hits zombie with a golf club)
"See you at EVO, fucker!"

"You ready to kill some giant ants?"
"Insects will be killed."
"What about some robots?"
"I can handle robots!"
(Godzilla monster appears)
"What the fuck is that?!"
(Engulfed in flames)

"You're telling me that if I play this guy money, he can make a baby SO STRONG that I can throw it through a brick wall?!"
"That's worth five dollars."
"That's worth a HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars!"

(Driving in circles)
"This motion blur is making me sick. Stop it. STOP IT! (Retching) "You keep doing that, I'm going to fucking throw up in your fucking face!"
"Look, you have two options here, and neither of them are throwing up!"
"Where's the most valuable thing in your fucking house?!"

"Murder is the solution to every problem in an Ubisoft game. You ever play 'Imagine: Babies'? The solution to that... is murder."

"What would YOU say if you were infected with the zombie thing, and you were like "Hey Dad, Save me!" and your dad was like "Sorry honey, I have to go put on these Groucho Marx novelty glasses, and these cutoffs, and go play Golf." Would you be like "Oh, dude, Dad, you're so awesome"?!"

"Okay, dude. I know I blew up, and I'm sorry. ...Are you still coloring this? Are you SERIOUS?! You've been coloring the whole time I've been gone?"
"But it's fun!"
"What is wrong with you?! You're... you're like the worst person I've ever known in my entire life! God, I hate you so... we're no longer friends."
(Cheery Kirby music plays)

"There are a lot of valid arguments about video games being art!"
"Really? Oh yeah? So... what do the giant UFOs shitting out bugs symbolize?"

"Oh, right in that lady's mouth!"
"Yo, why are you teabagging that lady as a baby? OH, SHE DROPPED YOU! OH!"
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