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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 05:04pm 11/07/11 (11:06pm 06/24/11) in 27m57s  §  3292 eyeballs
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Selected under the following criteria
1) It must be something you can get through normal play during your first playthrough. Cheat-only items (Disgaea 2's Hyperdrive or the Mysterious Stranger's Revolver in Fallout 3) and second-cycle bonuses (like the PRL from Resident Evil 4 or the Genocide Gun from Earth Defense Force) are banned.
2) It must be something that is fairly simple to acquire through normal play. Sidequest items that make you do a ton of work and/or random seed grinding to earn them don't count. So no Yoshitsunas or Excalibur IIs or Gutsy Bats.
3) It must be overly powerful for a large portion of the game. So that ultimate superweapon you can only get right before the final boss and can't use anywhere else isn't eligible.
4) It must be an item of some description. No characters, skills or spells!

Saw (Final Fantasy Legend)

An instant killing item that works on almost anything, up to and including the final boss! Granted, the odds of it actually working are pretty low (unless your stats are maxed out), but it's pretty comical that you can nullify any of the game's biggest enemies with as little as one swing of a Saw. Even better yet, these god-killing saws are readily available in numerous shops throughout the game world.

UPDATE: According to the comments on a speedrun on Speed Demos Archive, the Saw actually gauges the attacker's Attack stat against the target's Defense, and it was intended to cause an instant kill if the latter had lower defense. Due to a programming error, however, the exact opposite happens - enemies with HIGHER defense are more susceptible to its effect. Hence why it's so effective against bosses.

Economizer (Final Fantasy VI)

This one is a bit tricky to get ahold of, only being stealable from two rare (and tough) enemies, or requiring you to bet your precious Gem Box on a Coliseum match and win, but the effect is worth it - when equipped, all of that character's spells will cost them only 1 MP. That's right, every spell - from Cure 1 to Ultima - now costs only a single Magic Point, so you never have to worry about running out of MP again. Pair it up with the Gem Box (dual casting) for even more fun.

Chrono Trigger would later duplicate this in a (somewhat) lesser form with the Gold Stud, an item that reduces MP consumption by 3/4. So you can fire off Luminaires and Dark Matters for a mere 5 MP apiece - more than enough to wipe out everything in your path between each save point (and use a Tent to recover all of your MP and start the cycle anew).

Falcon Armor (Mega Man X5)

Another of Mega Man X's famous armor suits, but this one may just be the most broken of them all. For this one not only allows you to fly (negating almost all of the stage hazards you encounter), but it also lets you go totally invincible on demand. No joke. While you're flying there's nothing that can hurt you until it cuts out, and once you touch down you can just immediately start flying again. You're only vulnerable when you land to make an attack, and since that's almost always done on your terms, it's a negligible disadvantage.

Metal Blade (Mega Man 2)

Ask anyone what their favorite weapon in the Mega Man franchise is, and I bet you that nine out of ten will answer "Metal Blade". And rightfully so, because its unparalleled in its sheer usefulness. For one, it's an extremely effective weapon - it can be fired in eight directions, is effective against almost every enemy and many bosses, and will often kill said enemies in a single hit. But the true usefulness of the Metal Blade lies in its efficiency - each bar on its energy meter equates out to two or three shots, ensuring that you can fire the Metal Blade over sixty times without having to collect a single weapon energy capsule. Hell, you can practically replace your standard Mega Buster once you get this thing. Have to love that sound effect too. BZZZT!

The ultimate irony of the Metal Blade, though, is that even its own user is weak to it - using it on Metal Man during the rematch in Wily's castle will kill him in a single hit!

Fire Magic book (Ys II)

The first spell book you acquire in Ys II is also the best - in fact, this thing singlehandedly lets you get through 95% of the game completely untouched. It's extremely efficient on your MP gauge (1 MP can fire upwards of thirty fireballs), they're powerful enough to eliminate most enemies in a single hit, and they home in on your target as well. Yeesh. Normal enemies are officially no threat to you at all once you get this thing. However, the game isn't completely without challenge from this point on, as most bosses are completely immune to magic - Fire spell included - so you still need to take them on with your sword.

Shield Rod (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

At first glance, this just appears to be a fairly weak mace weapon, usually outclassed by at least a dozen better swords you've found by that point. But as its name implies, when it's paired with a shield its power multiplies exponentially. Depending on the shield you have equipped, it will consume MP to either boost one of Alucard's stats or perform any number of powerful magical attacks. By far the strongest combination, though, is the Alucard Shield - cast it, then hold the shield out in front of you to become nigh-invincible, deal 255 damage a hit and heal yourself for 8 HP with each hit. It drains your MP at a staggering pace, but this hardly matters when you can kill almost anything in the game in one or two seconds, tops.

Bazooka and Thunder Claws (Bayonetta)

Bayonetta has two uber-weapons, both ultimately serving the same purpose but at different times, so I'm listing them both under one heading.

The Fire Claws are ironically pretty shit - fast but extremely weak and with piss-poor range, so while you're trying to rack up any significant damage on one enemy there's always four more tearing your backside up. But if you do a circle motion on the thumbstick and hit the Attack button they become the infinitely more useful Thunder Claws, which can unload a large and powerful burst of electricity every half a second or so by simply holding down the attack button. It's a bit slow, but the sheer amount of damage it does (shredding minor foes instantly and taking a good sixth of minibosses' health bars off) and the added range more than makes up for that.

On the other hand, the Bazookas are only moderately useful against normal enemies and minibosses, but shred through boss' health bars in no time flat. Largely because all projectiles are turned into giant fists during boss fights, and will penetrate through the boss scoring multiple hits with each firing. It's actually fairly reminiscent of the "pause glitch" in Mega Man 1, where by rapidly jamming the Select button you could deplete a boss' entire health bar with only two or three Thunder Beams.

Farsight XR-20 (Perfect Dark)

Remember the AWP from Counterstrike? That overpowered gun that everyone hates? Now take that AWP and add a built-in wallhack and aim bot. You now have the Farsight XR-20. That's not too far of an exaggeration, either - this thing literally x-rays through walls, actively seeks out targets, and kills with a single pull of the trigger. It would be totally broken save for two facts - one, it's actually fairly slow to home in on targets (and you still have to adjust your aim, since it just homes in on their general position) and two, it's only able to home in on one enemy at a time, so while they're trying to snipe your buddy from clear across the map, they're easy to sneak up on.

Chantage (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Final Fantasy Tactics is probably better known for its comically broken skill sets than its overpowered items, but there are definitely a few of those to be found. One candidate is Excalibur, which is not only one of the game's most powerful weapons but also grants its wielder permanent Haste status, allowing them to tear up the battlefield in no time flat. For sheer brokenness, though, I have to go with the Chantage. It's another pretty obscure item (only acquirable by Poaching a specific rare monster or stealing it from Meliadoul in one battle), but its effect ensures that you'll be hunting it from square one. Simply put, this grants any female party member complete immortality - the item gives them a permanent Reraise status, so if they ever die they'll just be revived again on their next turn. It's slightly limited in its usefulness since almost all of the uber-powerful PCs are males, but hey, having an immortal Summoner or Time Mage around to tear up the battlefield is always a lot of fun. Or for even more fun, just create a team of four immortal Ninjas with dual-wielded spell-guns.

The Black Sword (Ultima VII)

We've looked a lot of ungodly powerful items here, but I dare say Ultima VII's Black Sword is the most overpowered of them all. Why? Well, let's see what exactly it can do.

For one, just getting it requires you to play through an expansion pack that maxes out your character's stats at 30, and then doubles his Strength stat on top of that to a whopping 60 points, so you become a god in the process of just getting the damn thing.

Second, it's so powerful that its Attack stat isn't even listed in the game's files - its entry just comes up as "???". In practice, this just means that anything you hit can and will fall comatose or die in a single hit. This even remains true against enemies that are totally immune to Glass Swords - the game's other instant-killing weapon.

But on top of granting you incredible strength, speed and intelligence and being able to wipe out anything within arm's length of you in an eyeblink, it has several other useful powers at your beck and call. First, it can totally restore your MP to full at your whim, so you can cast any spell you wish as often as you want (and Ultima is notorious for its comically broken spells). Second, it can launch waves of fire at your opponents, so you can take out a small group of enemies without you or your allies ever having to lift a finger. But its third power is perhaps the funniest of all - you can simply ask it to kill any major NPC in the game, and they'll drop stone-dead instantly. So yeah, you don't even really have to fight any of the big bads anymore if you don't feel like it - just ask your sword to kill them and they'll be that way. The only downside is that using the latter two powers tends to cause your allies to turn on you (but who needs allies when you're this strong, right?).
 rawks  §  rad comments, dogg.
 ~Azul Rojo  §  at 02:50am 06/25/11
Oh man, some of those are just evil. I know in Chrono Trigger, I can't bear unequipping the Gold Stud from some characters. And Chantage in FFT was...well...5 Dancers is FUNNY! Oh, and Cloud can equip it because he likes to get dolled up.

I've got a few items I thought of. The first two are from Silhouette Mirage: Level 6 Surosa, and Level 6 Priday. You can pick them up in the very first area of the game. Then you can obliterate everything without worrying about running out of spirit energy (aka ammo!). Not really worthwhile in the Saturn version, seeing as you didn't use up energy when firing weapons. But holy shit, those two items are the best damned things in the PlayStation version.

Then there's Excalibur in Cave Story. You get it pretty early on, and it's all sorts of fun once it hits max level (which doesn't take long!). Wave of enemies in front of you? Swing Excalibur, everything dies or gets severely hurt. Enemy has multiple targets to hit? Swing Excalibur, inflict massive damage. Hell, even at level 1, Excalibur can do some decent damage to an enemy.

Now, for one more item. In League of Legends, the Innervating Locket was so powerful on some characters, it was removed from the game. You could get it pretty early on (if you and your team did well, that is), it didn't cost too much, and gave you a nice boost to HP and MP. It also came with the following buffs: 10% reduction in ability cooldowns, an aura that sped up HP and MP regen of nearby allies, a passive skill that restored a little HP and MP when you used a character ability. The last skill is what made things crazy. The skill itself had a 3 second cooldown, but some characters had abilities with 3 second cooldowns. So, they'd use a skill, regain a little HP and MP, wait 3 seconds, repeat. This item got hit with a number of changes and nerfs, but the game designers never could fix it without making it too weak or too powerful.
 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 06:23pm 06/25/11
Thought of one more while at work: EarthBound's famous Multi Bottle Rockets. They're only available fairly late in the game (Deep Darkness) and cost about $2200 a pop, but they do upwards of 1600 damage apiece - more than enough to take out even bosses in one or two hits, and outclassing the strongest PSI attacks the party has available. Hell, the only reason you wouldn't be able to easily plow through the final boss with these is because defeating him is a scripted event.

Hell, even Big Bottle Rockets are pretty beastly for the stage of the game you get them at - $140 for 400 points of damage is pretty crazy in the midgame (when most enemies have around a 300 HP max).
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