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 lard pirates dawt cawm  §  A brief treatise on Star Wars (and Bioware) / by Spoony Spoonicus
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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 01:57am 05/01/12 (04:25pm 12/30/11) in 59m44s  §  2250 eyeballs
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[9:25:03] Charlie Doink: i also quite like cave story 3d, fuck the fanboys.
[9:25:20] Mr. Syd: Fans have been ruining everything since fans were created.
[9:25:25] Charlie Doink: yep
[9:25:43] Charlie Doink: bioware and square enix survive solely by pandering to them, heh.
[9:26:59] Charlie Doink: gotta give george lucas credit, his new movies suck and his constant retcons are embarassing, but at least he stands by them, heh.
[9:27:07] Mr. Syd: Yeah.
[9:27:14] Mr. Syd: I think he's done though.
[9:27:30] Mr. Syd: I vaguely recall him saying he's just up and ending ever making mroe star wars stuff after these 3D rereleases
[9:27:37] Charlie Doink: yeah
[9:27:45] Charlie Doink: sick of the constant whining about the franchise.
[9:27:58] Charlie Doink: not that i can blame him, i am too, heh.
[9:28:05] Mr. Syd: That said... he should of stopped ages ago, let the fans rot and make stupid, ppointless, non-canon expansions out the ass to keep the damn franchise alive.
[9:28:18] Charlie Doink: we all know the prequels suck, now let go of your 28 year old nostalgia and watch something new.
[9:28:29] Mr. Syd: Yeah, exactly.
[9:28:46] Charlie Doink: there's a million better sci fi franchises out there, heh.
[9:28:49] Mr. Syd: I may love old film and find mroe and more I enjoy every day, but holy shit, there's some things you can never recapture again.
[9:29:18] Mr. Syd: Heh, I dont' even consider starwars scifi anyways, it's closer ot an adventure series.
[9:29:27] Charlie Doink: science fantasy, more like, heh.
[9:30:01] Mr. Syd: Series never made me openly ponder content in the films about 'how shit is changing'
[9:30:17] Mr. Syd: It's just some guy and his buds stopping a bullshit war from getting worse.
[9:30:24] Charlie Doink: yeah
[9:30:34] Charlie Doink: with superpowers
[9:30:45] Charlie Doink: that don't seem to have any consistent rules whatsoever, heh.
[9:31:21] Charlie Doink: "i have mind reading powers, yet somehow was unable to detect a conspiracy involving 2 billion soldiers and the entire goddamn republic!"
[9:31:40] Mr. Syd: Heh, never even though about that shit.
[9:32:51] Charlie Doink: original trilogy and a few of the games, that's all i care about when it comes to star wars, heh.
[9:33:10] Mr. Syd: I kidna dont' at all, to be honest.
[9:33:17] Charlie Doink: super star wars trilogy and force unleashed (which is buggy but quite fun)
[9:33:17] Mr. Syd: That said I gotta rewatch 4-6 some day
[9:33:38] Charlie Doink: and hell, it lets you fucking kick darth vader's ass hardcore, heheh.
[9:33:53] Mr. Syd: star wars is kinda like sonic to me, yeah I know of it and some content behidn it, but I'll never like actively go out and get involved with anything surrounding it, heh.
[9:34:01] Charlie Doink: yeah
[9:34:08] Charlie Doink: i'm only lightly interested in it myself
[9:34:15] Charlie Doink: it's fun but there's much better stuff out there.
[9:35:07] Charlie Doink: also part of the reason why i don't badmouth KOTOR among all of bioware's recent stuff
[9:35:25] Charlie Doink: i can see myself really liking that game if i were a star wars fan, heh.
[9:35:48] Charlie Doink: but i'm not so i just kinda don't care for it.
[9:36:05] Charlie Doink: whereas mass effect and dragon age are actively, insipidly stupid and insulting.
[9:36:41] Mr. Syd: Yeah, hard as hell to stomach atmosphere you aint' a fan of.
[9:37:02] Mr. Syd: It's like loving the hell out of a licensed game but you can't recommend it to someone because the franchise is half the pull of it
[9:37:13] Charlie Doink: yeah. have to give baldur's gate credit in that regard
[9:37:26] Charlie Doink: never played D&D before, but the game was so well designed and written that i got into it anyway, heh.
[9:37:38] Mr. Syd: Heh, yeah, gotta give that shit credit all the time.
 rawks  §  rad comments, dogg.
 ~George Foreman  §  at 12:34pm 12/31/11
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