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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 03:22am 05/01/12 (10:35pm 02/10/12) in 24m25s  §  8704 eyeballs
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I swear, I don't even plan this. They just always somehow end up at Bioware.

[00:35:35] <zvalkyr> hahaha
[00:35:49] <zvalkyr> goon "that fucking sned" has perfectly described final fantasy xiii-2
[00:35:59] <zvalkyr> "This game feels like watching an anime with the episodes in the wrong order."
[00:36:48] <clobberpuppy> you're supposed to pause and read a small novel in the online codex every 10 minutes to get caught up!
[00:36:59] <clobberpuppy> who cares if it's shitty lazy design!
[00:37:07] <zvalkyr> OH
[00:37:22] <zvalkyr> well shit, if that's true, okay.
[00:37:39] <zvalkyr> at least that means that there is some way to make sense of anything that happens in that game.
[00:37:43] <clobberpuppy> better plan: throw that game in the trash and play a real one
[00:38:55] <clobberpuppy> do likewise for any game made after 1986 where most of the plot is in a fucking online manual.
[00:39:51] <zvalkyr> it wouldn't really bother me to a play a modern game where the whole plot was in a pdf or something
[00:40:04] <zvalkyr> ...if they didn't also have tons of cutscenes in the game
[00:40:50] <clobberpuppy> take a page from system shock 1 and have an option to toggle the plot off
[00:42:39] <clobberpuppy> actually i do kinda wonder why more games haven't done that
[00:42:53] <clobberpuppy> either that or an "arcade mode" that just skips all the cutscenes
[00:46:15] <zvalkyr> based on the demo mass effect 3 has a mode where you don't have to pay attention during cutscenes or something and it auto-picks all your dialogue options
[00:46:38] <zvalkyr> i guess for people who just want to play a shitty third person shooter really bad but don't have gears of war?
[00:46:48] <clobberpuppy> i guess
[00:47:06] <clobberpuppy> no idea why you'd pick a role playing game up and completely discard the role playing part of it though*
[00:47:20] <zvalkyr> yeah, it's a strange one.
[00:47:30] <zvalkyr> it also has the opposite that makes combat really easy or something
[00:47:44] <clobberpuppy> jeez
[00:47:59] <clobberpuppy> "breeze through the game in an hour" mode, that's a new one
[00:48:23] <clobberpuppy> thanks bioware, you've completely trivialized gaming!
[00:48:58] <zvalkyr> i don't really get it either, but whatever.
[00:49:33] <zvalkyr> i guess that one is kind of like if you had a game where you could just watch all the cutscenes without playing
[00:49:57] <zvalkyr> except not really because you still have to play? or maybe you don't, i didn't bother checking
[00:52:05] <clobberpuppy> i quit caring about that series when i figured out the only reason anyone plays it is for eight seconds of softcore alien porn
[00:52:24] <clobberpuppy> spread across three games.

*Although, knowing what I know about the series, this was probably just a logical design choice considering the consequences of your actions range from "minimal scene change 20 hours later in the plot" to "absolutely fuck-all".
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