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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 12:39pm 12/27/12 (03:44pm 02/24/12) in 23m58s  §  4888 eyeballs
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Well, I got my tax rebate, so I invested a chunk of it into a new capture card and a new monitor. Unfortunately, my second monitor stopped working for absolutely no reason, so I only got to know the wonders of an enormous dual-monitor setup for a day or two. Ah well, it was old, junky and barely functional anyway, and it gives me something to look forward to when I can afford a better one in the future.

But on the plus side, the capture card works perfectly, so we can now play Suikoden II on my Playstation 3 and capture some kickass-quality footage. That will come after work.

Hokay, things were delayed a bit further because apparently the PS3's HDMI signal is somehow "encrypted" and my capture program can't record it (but can apparently display it to the screen and take screenshots without issue... what sense does that make?). However, I did find a clever workaround - the program uses DirectDraw to draw the output singal to the screen, which means that I can record it via Fraps (and unlike all the emulators I tried, it consistently outputs data at the same rate, so I don't get wild swings in processor usage and therefore framerate drops). So I finally got part 1 recorded, rendered and uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

Once again, watch on Youtube in high quality for best results.

This game, much like the Sega CD classic Snatcher, still isn't available on PSN or in any reasonably priced format; your only choices are some price gouger on eBay or (very buggy) emulation. Apparently Konami has decided that if they never republish their good old games, people will have no choice but to buy their terrible new games like Lords of Shadow and MGS4. Seems pretty idiotic to me, but I'm not a big-name game developer, so what do I know?
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