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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 02:16am 05/30/12 (11:22pm 05/11/12) in 38m4s  §  27998 eyeballs
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It's been a long road, but here we are at last, the grand finale. The final showdown. Our date with destiny. A battle for the ages! And other cliched phrases.

For our final bonus of this Let's Play, we have the alternate endings of the game - the choices of becoming a benevolent god or a bigger force to be feared than Bhaal ever was.

Yeah, it's not really much to look at. Same video with slightly different voiceovers. But at least we get a pretty nice wrap-up for our story arc and for those of each of our allies (even if Viconia's ending is quite tragic).

And that concludes our look at Bioware's final great game before they got dragged down by the siren's call of dumbing down their gameplay and rehashing the same storyline time and again just so they could widen their profit margins. To say nothing of when EA got ahold of them and retooled their work to be about as childish and insulting as your average MTV "reality" show.

Fucking EA. I wonder what straight-to-bargain-bins turd they're going to shit out next week. Probably another garbage Dead Space game or their eighty millionth Sims 3 expansion pack. Or just the "real" ending to Mass Effect 3 that they stripped off the disc at the last minute and sold seperately as DLC to make a quick buck. Not that I give a shit about Mass Effect (most dull, overrated franchise in recent memory. Not to mention Bioware's active pandering to a fanbase that creeps me the fuck out), but that's still a pretty fucking low thing to do. They're the worst kind of money-scamming vultures, and you can feel free to quote me on that.
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