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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 11:10pm 09/26/08 (07:34pm 09/22/08) in 55m26s  §  2450 eyeballs
 We love Virtual Console but man fuck writing a full review of something we just paid six dollars for. Have a Quick Hit instead.
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It's been eleven years since Mega Man 8 came out (and ten since Mega Man & Bass), and at long last the Classic series gets a proper sequel in the form of Mega Man 9. Of course, nobody would have predicted they'd return to the style of the six NES games instead of continuing where the most recent games left off (even the Mega Man Home Page initially dismissed it as a hoax), but hey, if you're returning to the past, why not go back to the very beginning?

MM9 is more than just a mere sequel, though - this is Capcom's tribute to the series. Many elements from the earlier games reappear here, as do some sound effects and music from Mega Man 2. There are definitely no shortage of new challenges, though; you'll have to deftly weave through mazes of robots, spikes and vanishing platforms, make precarious jumps against hard winds and cross a large gap on a series of swinging chained platforms, among other things.

The game also maintains a high level of challenge; you take considerably more damage in MM9 than in most games in the series, which means you'll have to be a lot more cautious. In many platforming sections, a missed jump will either plunge you down a pit or send you into spikes. Many enemies also take advantage of this; you'll see a lot of precariously-placed enemies just waiting to knock you off as soon as you think you've reached safe ground. Even one miniboss is set up in such a way that one landed hit can send you sliding down a narrow pit to your doom. Still, these traps never feel unfair or "cheap" - with a little practice, every one of them can be overcome.

Of course, Mega Man 9's not without some more modern elements as well. As the Wii doesn't have an "Achievement" or "Trophy" system in place, they made do with a list of roughly 50 challenges; some easy (beat any boss with only the Mega Buster), some nearly impossible (finish the game without picking up more than 8 energy capsules). If you think you've mastered Mega Man, well, you'll think twice after you take a good look at these.

Another worthy entry to one of the greatest game series' of all time. The only downfall is that there's no sliding or charged shots, so you'll have to get used to running away well in advance and pecking off robots' HP one at a time all over again.

 rawks  §  rad comments, dogg.
 ~RedCappy  §  at 07:47pm 09/22/08

Almost perfection, one problem I found with the game is that the background graphics were quite boring and didn't stand out much in comparison to other Mega Man games I have played on the NES. But the stages themselves are incredibly fun to play through and feature quite a few new platforming experiences we have yet to see in any Mega Man games to date!
 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 04:29pm 10/10/08
If you haven't checked it out already, they're starting to release downloadable goodies for the game. Of course, they make you pay more points for them, but hey, they're worth it.

Protoman Mode - Play as Protoman! He takes double damage and has twice as much horizontal recoil, but he can charge shots, slide, and even block bullets with his shield while jumping. He even retains the Rush Coil and Rush Jet, although in a more generic form. 200 Wii Points.

Endless Mode - See how far you can get in a randomly-generated endless stage. 300 Wii Points.

Hero Mode - Makes the game tougher by throwing new enemy patterns at you in each stage. 100 Wii Points.

Superhero Mode - Same as the above, but even harder. 100 Wii Points.

Special Stage - Adds a new stage to the challenge modes, featuring several tough obstacles, a mini-boss gauntlet and ending with a battle against a new boss. No, it's not Bass, Zero, or whoever you might be expecting. 100 Wii Points.
 ~vinic  §  at 01:54am 12/29/09
I must say, this game is a lot of fun. The announcement of Mega Man 10 is great news; I hope the Wii gets it first.

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