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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 10:48pm 09/25/08 (08:23pm 09/25/08) in 42m15s  §  4876 eyeballs
 viiiideeeoooo gaaaaaammmmmeeeeessssss
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I was going to post this Tuesday night, but our webhost was hitting some really dumb errors that prevented any and all access to the Waggoner. That seems to have finally sorted itself out, though.

In any case, this is the shortest chapter yet, featuring only two fights and four dialog scenes.

First, let's tie up some plot threads from the last entry.

Nope. Later!


We're rich..er!

Well, that settles that.


Well, now we know why the exact amount wasn't disclosed.

Technically, yes.

Not taking no for an answer.

Castile finally yields.


World map dialog!

Ominous signs in a place we visited many chapters back.

Mmyep, it's him again.

Ever the secretive one.

Three guesses as to what's happening next.

Hey, you guessed it!

Yeah. Not only is it another recycled map, this is pretty much another place to earn some easy Mana and Experience, since each one of these Werewolves is casting Protections to one another that not only weaken them, but cause them to give double bonuses. Of course, once you kill one, one of the Weaken 30% Protections will vanish on the other two, and once two are defeated the last will be full strength. So I guess the idea is to wipe them all out with one attack.

Hey, isn't that the elder from Episode 2?

It is!

You really need to ask?

Not much to say about this one, there's just a handful of Summons to fight. However, there's a Keepout barrier in the middle being created by this blob, which takes 40% damage every turn from a Protection on the other side. Left untouched, that barrier will come down in three turns, and you'll have a whole bunch more Summons to deal with. For this reason, you may actually wish to heal the thing until you've taken care of all the ones on your side first, then summon the rest of your Phantoms to deal with the Summons on the other side.


Ash has amnesia during this chapter or something.

Wielding crazy death-powers is probably hazardous to your health.

But I've been wrong before.

Ah, so that's what this is all about.

Apparently he can see Ash.


Tune in next week for Chapter 14, where we have another run-in with an old "friend."
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 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 08:46pm 09/25/08
Bonus Youtube Vids:

Castile's scene

Sprout's scene
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