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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 04:28pm 10/11/08 (10:17pm 10/04/08) in 45m23s  §  5174 eyeballs
 viiiideeeoooo gaaaaaammmmmeeeeessssss
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Unfortunately, this entry is going to be shorter than it should since I accidentally overwrote my capture video, resulting in the first couple of scenes and battles being erased. Fear not, though, we've still got the important stuff covered. Moving on...

An unfamiliar addressee.

Guess we'll find out the identity of the mysterious Bijou soon.


In short, Bijou is really the imposter Raphael, who's apparently now in the employ of the Fighting Beasts (the Sulphur-posessed one we fought earlier was apparently a different person). Their leader, Drab, hasn't been heard from in a while, and the Hinterland is in the midst of an enormous heatwave, so he decided to ask you for help. Shortly after you set off, though, he gets beaten up by his fellow Fighting Beasts, as they're too proud to ask for help from a Chroma (especially one who's beaten them senseless before).

The first map is a pretty standard affair, with Fenrirs, Manticores, Healers and a few Summons all getting Heal 20% Protections. They're not too tough to beat; just take out the Healers first and then pick off the rest one at a time so they never get a chance to take advantage of their protections.

The second map is a bit trickier, leaving you stuck inside a Keepout field with a tough Fenrir and Manticore. Once both are defeated, the barrier will lower, allowing you to defeat the Summons outside. Just stay away from the edges at first so the Summons can't damage you and you should be fine.

Moving on to the third map...


All the enemies here give double experience, but there's a catch - all of the confinable objects on the board have Grounded, preventing you from moving if you bind a Phantom to them. The Binding effect is being projected from a tree on the far end of the board behind the enemy group, which is getting Invinciible protection from the three zombies on the board. I find the best way to deal with it is to toss Marona's current weapon past the group, confine Ash or someone with Quick Attack to it, and then have them knock the tree off the board with an attack. This will allow any other characters you confine to move freely, making the rest of the fight simple. Just be sure to keep Marona out of the enemies' reach before she gets her next turn.


Should I be honest and tell him I'm the person who beat up all his men a few chapters back?

Guess he figured it out.

Well, they do seem to be behind everything else that's going wrong lately.

This is a pretty standard brawl with some Summons, although you can make it even easier by reviving Drab and his men and letting them do most of the dirty work for you. By the time they're done, there will only be a couple stragglers on the edge of the map, but you can easily handle those yourself.


If that's what helps him get over the shock of being rescued by Marona, I guess.

Fake Raphael Bijou's voice is heard!


Mild annoyance ensues.

Always brightening up our day, the amazing Walnut and company.

I think there's a pretty famous story about a guy who used that same logic for a snake bite and died in the middle of performing a play.

A story link, perhaps?

He's on to you, sir.

Back to Phantom Isle for more fun.

There's also a fair amount that say I'm an agent of Sulphur and I've set up all these incidents for my own personal gain, but we won't get into that.

Why am I getting a vision of an anime version of "the Godfather" here?

Vaguely important item get!

(Actually, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly special about it; it's just a generic book item.)

It's the Rainbow Bird!

Guess that's where we're headed next.


Tune in next time, where we learn of more unlikely character links.
 rawks  §  rad comments, dogg.
 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 08:15am 10/05/08
Bonus Youtube vid:

Chapter 14 Intro
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