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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 11:23am 10/05/08 (10:16am 10/05/08) in 1h7m7s  §  4859 eyeballs
 viiiideeeoooo gaaaaaammmmmeeeeessssss
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Double update this week? Hell, why not.

I guess that's all they came to ask.

Our next quest awaits!

Keep this in mind the next time we play Six Degrees!


Soldier to the end.

Probably a bunch more Summons, judging from the last few chapters.

Seems wherever there's evil, the weather starts going screwy.

Sure enough!

I believe he's referring to the Rainbow Bird here.

Monsters draw near.

Our enemies on this map consist of a few manticores and Mermen, each getting some experience and mana bonus protections. Nothing too tough here; just rush in and start punching.

This one's a bit trickier, featuring a few Mermen and a level 60 Fenrir for you to deal with. The crystal being held by one of the Mermen is beaming out a No O.B. protection to all the other enemies on the board, to boot. The best way to deal with him is just to get someone in close (via the slippery terrain) and disarm or kill him, then destroy the crystal with another character. Then just have a third character throw the Fenrir off the board and the rest should be simple.

The next map is pretty tricky; there are a lot of pits (making it easy to slide off the board) and all of the Mermen enemies throw around powerful spells to boot. Fortunately, they're weakened offensively by the crystal in one of the corners of the board.

Keep the crystal alive so they can't one-shot kill you with their Giga spells, then try and toss out the Fenrir in the corner; he's holding a crystal that's broadcasting Sticky to most enemies and objects on the board. This will allow you to cover more ground with your moves, as well as cause a few enemies to slide themselves right off the board by mistake, leaving you with less work to do in the end.

Not too surprisingly, after this group of maps you'll probably unlock the Merman class. They're actually pretty powerful with both Normal Physical and elemental magic, making them a good all-purpose offensive unit.

They told me to burn things!

Nope. Bye!

The twist you probably already guessed!

Wait, you never realized that until right now?

Away we go.

Most of the confinable objects on this map are getting a Damage 10% Protection from the Summon in the center of the board. However, one tree near Marona's starting position is not. There are also a few objects on the far end of the board getting Defense +50% Protection from a treasure chest, so slide Marona over there and utilize those as well. From there, try to knock the Summon beaming out the Damage protection off the board, and then just deal with the rest of the group as they come.

On a side note, these last few maps are a fine place to put your Bottlemails to use on in order to acquire high-level Titles and Mana.


Oh, yes. Many times.

Heheh, whoops!

Looks like Ash isn't very good at this lying thing either.

Tune in next time, where more loose plot threads get tied up as we near the conclusion.
 rawks  §  rad comments, dogg.
 ~86  §  at 10:31am 10/05/08
Bonus Youtube vids:

Sienna's scene

 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 02:41pm 11/27/09
Bonus Youtube Vids:

Sienna Scene

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