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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 12:53pm 10/12/08 (01:50pm 10/11/08) in 1h28m28s  §  5510 eyeballs
 viiiideeeoooo gaaaaaammmmmeeeeessssss
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A chapter with more than three battles? Been a while since we've had one of those.

Since about five seconds ago, apparently.

You can probably guess that we're nearing the end of the game, so we're wrapping up all those various subplots we've encountered.


Ah yes, I also did some more random dungeons in between chapters, and in the process unlocked several new classes.

Putty Monks! Pretty good with physical attacks, as well as being good at stealing. Five turns until they're removed from the field isn't too shabby either.

Shades, which have very high INT and SPD, as well as 6 Remove. Their proficiencies aren't spectacular though. Nevertheless, they make solid mages.

Disgaea fans ought to recognize our next class...

Prinnies! They're one of the more annoying classes to unlock, since they only appear in dungeons that specifically have the "Weird" enemy set (forcing you to reroll stats until you get one with that set). They have pretty good stats all around, though, and retain their trademark exploding - both coming into the field and leaving will generate a damaging explosion around them.

Bottlemails also only appear as random enemies in "Weird" dungeons. Like I explained earlier, they're pitifully weak, but they're easily the best class in the game for acquiring items. Their high Move, high Speed and low Remove also helps to this end.

Putty Smiths. Similar to your standard Blacksmith, but they can steal too.

Blobs. They possess extremely high DEF and RES (best of any class, in fact), but they're almost useless in a fight due to the fact that they're removed from the field after only a single turn. However, we can still have some fun with them by turning them into makeshift grenades.


How to make your very own Phantom Grenade!

First, make a Prinny. Name and stat points don't matter, since they're a throwaway.

Next, create a Blob. Buy as many stat points as you can and put them all into Speed. Affix a Title that adds to Speed as well.

Next, get 2000 Mana on your Blob. The quickest way to do this is to scrounge a few items from random dungeons via your Bottlemails.

Now fuse your spare Prinny to the Blob, and spend your Blob's 2000 Mana on acquiring the Big Bang and Parting Gift skills in the fusion.

Bingo, we now have our very own Grenade. Level him up a bit and you can use him to damage or kill off small groups of enemies by confining him to an object in their midst. When his turn comes up, just move him into their midst again and then end his turn and they'll be rocked by a second explosion for further damage.

You can make this even more effective by giving him Quick Attack, but you might want to hold off on that until your levels start to reach into the high hundreds - transferring that skill over costs at least 100,000 Mana.


Alright, we haven't checked the mail in a while, so let's see what we've got.


Oh god.

I can't say that'll help our image.

Alright, into the mission proper.

The twist we've probably all guessed already!

Ran all the way back up twenty-four floors! Not bad.

And we're off.

Fortunately, they're mostly the wimpy kind.

Marona's gone drill sergeant on us!


Our first battle's pretty simple. There's only a handful of Summons and Scrabbits to deal with, and we've definitely no shortage of confinable objects nearby. The Scrabbits also get a Mana x2 Protection from that watering can in their midst, so that's a bonus.

If you want to try out your Grenades on this map, you can Confine one of them to that watering can and watch them all die in one fell swoop.


Yep, another leveling board. Every enemy on the board's getting some minor buffs and penalties from this Phonograph, as well as doling out double Experience. Confinable objects are somewhat scarce, but still, this isn't too difficult.



Oh boy, more Keepout fields making it hard to get around. There's also a pesky sign that's giving a Defense -40% Protection to every confinable object within your reach. Fortunately, there are also a lot of pits, so that's easy to deal with. The enemies here are easily dealt with even with the fields if you have a few good mages; just stay out of their reach and take them out with spells. In order to lower the Keepouts and take out the last few stragglers, destroy or throw out the three skulls on the board.

Next map, featuring one high-level Hell Corgi and three Mimics on either end of the board. Better, they're all being weakened by the confinable objects nearby your starting point and give out Mana and Bor bonuses as well, making this a good bonus map. Mop up the Mimics quickly, then take out the Hell Corgi with your best attacks; he shouldn't be too difficult with a couple of high-leveled Phantoms coming at him.


You guessed it.


Endearingly cheesy.

Even moreso!

You start this map off in a bit of a jam; you're surrounded by five Summons, and the only confinable objects are at least two turns' distance away. There are two ways around this, though:

1) Toss Marona's currently equipped weapon behind her, confine someone with Quick Attack, then run as far as you can toward the boxes. When the next Phantom's turn comes up, have them toss her further down the board.
2) Equip Marona with a Weed before coming to this map, then use her added speed to run further down that way.

Either way, once you reach those crates, the rest of the board is a cake walk.


"Alright then, just stay here and get eaten by Summons!"

A falling out, eh?

Glowy doom!

A tough fight, but not so much for the enemies as the fact that it's a large board with scant few confinable objects. You may have to improvise a bit by having your characters toss their weapons out on the final turn as Confinement fodder for your backup troops.

At any rate, the brown Summons are kept behind a barrier of four colors of Keepout symbols, which are being created by the vases near the blue ones. The blue ones, however, are focusing their attacks on them, slowly lowering the barrier. Finally, there are two high leveled Hell Corgis and a Behemoth to deal with in the center.

I find the best strategy for this board is to get to the confinable objects south of the blue Summons first, and then take them out with one or two of your weaker Phantoms. Once the barrier's down, confine a couple more to face the brown ones as they come out (take out the one carrying the treasure chest first, as you can use it to confine). Finally, summon your strongest ones and pick off the Hell Corgis and Behemoth one at a time; move a character just outside of their movement range in order to lure them in, then focus all of your attacks on that enemy. Repeat for the other two.

Well, it's going to be pretty hard to not acknowledge him at all when he's the one that hired us to escort you out.

The thing he came all this way to get back, then carelessly dropped.

Ash decides to settle this before it gets too ugly.


Cheese ahoy.

More sunny days with our favorite anti-hero.

I think Walnut's the last guy I'd want to see if I were in a good mood.

Oy, that's going to piss him off.

We'll soon find out what that means for us.


Coming soon: Chapter 17, where we have yet another rematch.
 rawks  §  rad comments, dogg.
 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 03:17pm 10/11/08
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