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 lard pirates dawt cawm  §  The Spoony Playthrough: Phantom Brave Parts 18-20 (Dialup users need not apply). / by Spoony Spoonicus
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 viiiideeeoooo gaaaaaammmmmeeeeessssss
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Since it would take approximately forever to screencap every line of dialog in these chapters, I've decided to just make videos of the important parts, screencap the rest, and combine them all into one big update. Let's do this thing!

Chapter 18's intro, revealing that we have the most awesome former landlord of all time.

Castile's scene.

There's no telling where we're going if the power must be growing!


Well, this part of the island looks familiar, at least. As with the previous times, there's only a few enemies, but you'll be fighting Unarmed due to the Protections this fish is giving off. And you can't simply destroy it, confine to it or knock it off the map, either, due to it receiving some annoying Protections of its own. Not that you really need to; you should have a few characters who can handle some Summons barehanded.

Hello again, sir Wraith.

To suffer slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...

Wraith's only got a Summon and a Ghost backing him up, but a few objects around the field are giving him some Protections, including one we haven't seen before - "Avoided 15dm" will keep your characters a fair distance away from him at all times until it's lowered. This actually works somewhat in your favor, though - while you'll have to use distance attacks on him, he won't be able to use his own attacks on too many of your characters at a time.

Healing spell from out of nowhere!

Well, everyone's coming to back us up.

Off we go.

Well, we have defeated him several times before.

Here be a Disney-esque guilt speech.

Or not.


Rather forgettable warriors, unite!

The shortest chapter intro of all time.

Whole bunch of Manticores. High leveled ones to boot. Fortunately, most of them have pretty awful titles, and they like to equip the rocks and crystals strewn about, which will seriously hamper their Speed. Not much to say about this one, really; just bust out your best fighters and mop them all up.

Curse you, endless swarms of Manticores!

I don't know, I'm down with getting a smaller share of the incoming beatings.

This board is quite possibly the toughest in the entire game, not so much for the enemies as the severe lack of confinable objects. There are only three on the board, and two of them are right in the Manticores' midst. Your best bet here is to equip Marona with something that will give a major speed boost when Confined to (and one of your phantoms with a speed-boosting weapon like a Knife), then have her toss it just outside the Manticores' movement range. Don't confine your speedy right away, though - if you wait a few turns, the Manticores will pick up and wield one another, which will lessen their numbers significantly. After that, Confine them and then move Marona up so that she can keep that phantom's health topped off. Once his time on the field is almost up, you'll want to use the two Crystals as confinement fodder, and then any of your own phantoms' weapons that drop once they're removed.



Holy shit!

At this point, we're going to need a small nuclear device.

Or some convenient backup.

Bijou's here too, it seems.

Boy, they invited everybody, didn't they?

Sounds good to me.

They're like gerbils!


A tough map followed up with a relatively easy one. There's just a lot of Summons here - no real strategy needed.


Thank you again, forgettable warriors!

Intro in disguise.

Slightly tougher knights. This is a large map, but it's really not that hard since they're too few and spread out to be very dangerous. There's also a couple of objects receiving Permanent protection, so put those to use on your strongest Phantoms.


Looks like even Raphael isn't free from Sulphur's influence.


This one's pretty tough. The knights are in a much tighter group this time, and Raphael has some amazingly high speed. Fortunately, the knights (and Raph himself) are pretty passive, and won't attack you unless you move within their range first, which allows you to slowly advance forward and pick them off in smaller groups. Deck everyone out with speed-bumping weapons (like Weeds and Daggers) Take out all the Knights, then use your best attacks on Raphael.

Well, there goes our hopes for another non-generic party member.

But at least we got a pretty kickass weapon out of the deal.

Alright, on to the final clash.

Wait, you've been here the whole time?!

So powerful he can even go toe-to-toe with this unholy terror.

Explosions ensue.

Mission all over?

Guess not.

Holy shit, we're trapped in the movie Alien! Run!

Savin' the world.

We're in trouble.

We're really in trouble!

Yep, we have to fight Sprout. And he's receiving some really good Protections to boot. Fortunately, those are easy to deal with; the dark blue coloring is a dead giveaway as to which items are giving off the Protections, and there are plenty of confinable objects around to use. Definitely take out this Speed one, first, though, preferably with Ash, an Archer, or someone else with Quick Attack. From there, go for the Attack, then the Defense one, then hack away at Sprout. Save some of your SP though, you'll want it for the next battle.

If you want his sword, disarm him with a Hurricane Slash and then use one of your Bottlemails to snag it. Hell, even if you don't, just disarm him anyway; he won't try to reclaim his sword, and it'll take a lot of edge off his stats and skills.

Sulphur's big scene. Looks like he's not done yet.

Well, shit. He's receiving Invinicible protections from four different crystals on the field, and he's definitely no slouch in the offense department. In fact, his Terminate attack will hit everyone around him for 5000-6000 damage, and probably level him up in the process!

Top priority is, of course, to take out those crystals making him invinciible; again, they're a darker shade of blue, which makes them easier to spot. Confine your fastest Phantoms nearby them and eliminate them, then turn on Sulphur, trying to keep your party spread out so that he can't hit too many people at once with his Terminate or Omega-leveled elemental spells. Bringing in a couple of extra high-leveled Healers will also help; keep them well away from Sulphur's movement range, and use them to keep everyone on their feet with Revive. From there, just unload on Sulphur with ranged attacks and attacks that do knockback; preventing him from getting into the midst of a group and Terminating them is the key to this battle.

Walnut redeems himself in the eyes of the fans.

We're finally at the credits roll, interspersed with a few conclusive scenes.

Credits and final scene.

The end.
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