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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 12:44pm 02/26/12 (02:49pm 02/06/09) in 3h21m37s  §  29392 eyeballs
 Now with more game!
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Alright, last time we were on our way to Birth Valley to see just what Zio wants to keep hidden so badly. However, on the way there we came across a town called Mile, so let's see what they have to offer.

* This is the village of Mile, and this is our newly-built sand worm ranch. What do you think? Isn't it great? This will attract a lot of tourists.

It'll probably attract a lot of trouble too.

* You're looking for Birth Valley? Then go to a village called Zema.

* See that castle beyond the quicksand? I could have sworn that one night there was nothing and the next day there it was. It must have been my imagination, don't you think?

* Did you see the quicksand? It's spreading and spreading! How long is this town going to last?

The weapons store also offers us a chance to upgrade our artillery. Hold off for now though, as some much better stuff will be coming up shortly. The armor shop, on the other hand, just has Leather gear, which we start out with by default.


Anyway, let's head a bit further northeast to Zema.

Everyone in town's in this condition. That doesn't bode well, does it?

There's a small cavern in the upper reaches of town, which is only two floors long and holds a few minor treasures, including a suit of Carbon Armor. At the end, we find Holt, who is much like the rest of the populace here.

An ancient curse? I can't believe someone is able to cast such a spell in this day and age!

Isn't there any way to restore them?

I've heard that a medicine called "Alshline" is able to turn stone back to flesh.

Where can we find it?

I heard about it some time ago in a Motavian village... But, we're talking some time ago.

Which Motavian village?

It's the village of Molcum, which is far south of here.

All right then, let's get going!

I'll make you a deal -- just 500 Meseta.

Alshline also played a part in the role of the first Phantasy Star game, although due to the inconsistent translation between games, it was called "Alsulin" there.


A short trip south brings us here.

But apparently someone beat us to the punch. However, we find a lone figure standing in the center of the rubble.

Alys, you know this guy?

From a long time ago...

He's still a kid.

Watch what you say!

Stop it, you two. More importantly, Rune, what's going on?

This is all the handiwork of Zio.

Zio! I bet the person who turned the people of Zema into stone is also...

Well, your brain seems to work a little bit.


Cut it out! It seems that everywhere we go, it's always Zio. Who is this Zio?

I'm not sure.

With the town destroyed, how are we going to find Alshline?

You're looking for Alshline? In that case, you'd better go to Tonoe.


Let's see... from here, it's kind of far. First travel east to the village of Krup. And from there if you go North, you'll find a valley that leads to Tonoe.

We don't have to pass by Krup, do we?


Ah, let's just head straight towards Tonoe! Alys?

I haven't decided yet.

I'm going to invite myself to join your group.

Not so fast!


Good, we're all set. And Shorty, try not to get in the way.

Stop calling me Shorty! My name is...

Chaz, that's what you said your name was, right? Hmmph, what a stupid name!

Actually, he didn't give his name.

Alys, I think he's going to be more trouble than he's worth.

Ha, I won't get in anyone's way.

You already have.

Ah... I'm a little uneasy about our destination.

So, now we have a fourth party member, as well as an endless source of amusement for his derisive comments toward Chaz.

He's a good ten levels above the rest of our party at this point, which will make getting to Tonoe a simple task. He's also the definitive mage character, throwing around the best offensive spells the game has to offer.


Well, in spite of what Hahn said, we're going to make a quick stop at Krup to heal up. It's a short walk to the east, so you probably won't even run into any random battles on the way there.

* This village's most successful citizen is Hahn, the Armorer's only son. He's a professor at Motavia Academy. We're really proud of him. What! Well, if it isn't Hahn!

* Well, Tonoe is north of here, but the road to Tonoe is like a maze. Moreover, the entrance to Tonoe is blocked by a large rock. That's what I heard recently.

* See that little island in the big lake near here? The building on that island has been called Soldiers' Temple since long ago. Once, I swam over there, but there were monsters all over the island! It was frightening and I came rushing home.

Upon entering the schoolhouse, we get a small scene.

Saya! I've missed you! Let me introduce you to everyone. This is my...ahem... fi...fiancee, Saya.


It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Saya.

Saya teaches children here in her home.

Wow... I'm impressed!

Oh, no, it's about the only thing I'm capable of doing...

Alys and Chaz are hunters. They are assisting me in my task.

It's a difficult job, isn't it? Thank you for taking care of Hahn.

Now, don't you worry. Everything will be okay.

But, if anything were to happen to you, I...



...Oh, you two...!

Just for a bit of extra amusement, you can check the bookshelves in here.

* Look at this picture book: 'A day with Ecco.'

* Look at this picture book: 'The Ceramic Soldiers'...

Ceramic is some pretty high-grade weapon and armor material in the Phantasy Star universe, just so you know.

* It's a children's picture book. 'Run, Hedgehog, Run!'

But perhaps the most amusing of all is in the back room.


The armor shop sells Carbon gear, which is the next step up. However, we're not going to buy anthing here either, for reasons that will become apparent shortly.

You can also speak to Hahn's parents for a bit more plot.

* Hahn! It's good to see you home. Your Pa goes on like that, but really he's very proud of you.

I know, Ma... but my feelings won't change!

* Hahn! Considering that you are disinherited, you sure have some gall to step into this house!? You don't help in the family business, you just study! What use is that?

Pa, right now, the whole planet is in serious danger! I want to help with the power of science! That's why I'm studying!


Well, let's head north.

No sweat. This should be a cinch! Everybody! Stand back!

* Flaeli!


Shall we go?

That art he just used. I've never seen it before? The technique's different too.

Hee hee... I'm not surprised you've never seen it before. This is what they call 'magic.'



Another short dungeon lies ahead, but Rune's high level should let you get through with barely a scratch. One Hewn skill or Gra technique can easily wipe out an entire enemy party.

And just because I don't believe I've covered it yet: "Techniques" and "Skills" both function as the game's magic. Techniques run off of TP, while Skills can only be used a set number of times between rests. Skills generally start with only one use, but you gain more as the character's level increases.

Anyway, there's a couple minor treasures in here, including a chest with 600 Meseta, so make sure you grab them.

Once we emerge on the other side, you may want to unequip Rune's stuff so that you can sell it for a little extra money, since he'll be leaving shortly. Don't worry though, by the time he comes back later he'll have replaced it with some even better gear.

To do that, press Left on the control pad to open his equipment menu, then select each item one by one.

You can also equip Hahn with the Circlet to give him a slight defensive boost.


Well, we've finally arrived. Let's check out the sights.

* This is Tonoe... Hey! how did you get in here?

* Yeh, I've heard about what's going on in Molcum! That darn Zio!

* Parmanians like to go to war! I refuse to get embroiled in battles started by people like that!

* Hey, it's a Parmanian! H...help.
Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you.

* Go away!
How rude.

* Our pride and joy is the refined art of Titanium. I bet you've never seen a weapon of Titanium in any of your towns, have you?

* Oh? It's a Parmanian. We don't have anything to sell to you!

Yeah, it looks like Motavians and Parmanians aren't on the best of terms.

But that won't stop some of them from trying to make a buck off you.

Titanium's the best stuff we'll get for quite a while, so get everyone decked out at the weapon and armor stores. You might have to return to the tunnel and farm a bit of gold in order to afford everything, but it will be worth it. You might want to grab a couple of extra Monomates as well.

Oh, and be sure to equp Alys with two Slashers for double the damage, and Chaz with a sword. Hahn will have to make do with a Carbon shield, since he can't equip the Titanium variety.

When you're ready to move on, head north of the marketplace to Grandfather Dorin's tent, where three more Motavians await us.

That's all you'll get out of him for now.

My brother fought valiantly. He just wasn't a match for Zio. My mom and dad both died. My brother and I barely escaped with our lives...

What exactly do you want to ask? Is it about the secret of refining Titanium?

If you answer yes to this, you get:

I see. It is referred to as a 'secret' and it really is a secret!

If not, you get this:

You want to know why the path to this village is blocked by a rock?

Again, you can answer yes or no.

In preperation of a possible assault by Zio we've closed ourselves off.

If you choose no again, you get one final question.

Then do you want to know the measurements of that famous and beautiful hunter Alys Brangwin, also known as the 'Eight-Stroke Warrior?'

If you answer "Yes"...

Now you're talking. Starting from the top, thirty-six, twenty...

Yeow! Ouch!! Wh...what are you doing! How dare you strike me without warning! Huh? Yikes! Alys Brangwin!

You blabbing old fart! Do you tell every single fool who comes here my measurements!?

She winds up for another punch.

Ah! Oh... help me! Ah, Rune! It's you, Rune. Please help me!

You don't change, do you, old man!

The old man doesn't have any bad intentions.

That's why I put up with it.

Grandfather Dorin, I came to retrieve the item I entrusted in your care. Also, these people are looking for Alshline.

Ah, if what you want is Alshline, feel free to take whatever you need. It's in the back of the basement warehouse out back. Go help yourselves.

Thank you! Alys, let's go!

That place is unused right now. So it may be a teensy bit dangerous. Gryz, will you guide these people?

My pleasure. My name is Gryz. Nice to meet you.

Well, I have some business with Grandfather Dorin here, so I'll say so long here! Oh yeah, pip squeak...

I've had enough of you!

Don't get any silly thoughts, like taking on Zio, into that little head!


At this stage of the game, you're no match for him! Maybe our paths will cross again. Alys...

Did he just break the fourth wall there?


Take care.

Me, taking on Zio?

Thanks Rune.


Well, this is the only playable Motavian in the series, and he's actually not bad. Pretty strong in the physical department, but with only one Tech and one Skill to speak of (neither of which are particularly useful). But on the plus side, he does come already decked out with Titanium gear.

Talking to Pana with Gryz in your party just adds this to the end of her lines.

Pana... I promise you that one day I will exact revenge!


Alright, moving on.

Oh, there's a little trick to opening this door. Just hold here... like so.... and then one, two, three, lift!

It opened!

Great, let's go in.

The enemies down here are a lot more dangerous than the fare we've encountered before; in fact, they can inflict 15-20 damage per hit on most of your party, even with Titanium equipment! It might be wise to reorder your party to put Gryz up front; his defense is quite a bit higher than the rest of your party at this point, so he'll only take single-digit damage.

Also, don't be afraid to use techs and skills; the dungeon is fairly short, so you're not likely to run out unless you spend a lot of time messing around. Hahn's Gelun skill in particular will be very helpful; it will weaken all enemies on the field dramatically, causing them to do only 1-2 points of damage a hit.

There's a few minor treasures around; mostly just Monomates, Antidotes and a bit of extra cash. One chest on the second floor is a Titanium Crown, which Alys can equip, so do try to find that.

Three floors down, we'll find what we came for.

Okay, let's hurry and return to Zema and help those people out!

Umm... do you think I can go along? My own town was destroyed by Zio. I couldn't save my father or my mother! One way or another I need to get my revenge!

Hey Gryz! We're not necessarily making this journey for the purpose of defeating Zio.

But didn't that tall guy who was with you say something like that?

Oh, that... he was just arbitrarily saying stuff.

Either way, I can't stay in this town forever! I'm coming along even if you refuse to take me!


C'mon, Chaz, there's nothing wrong with that. Gryz could be quite a help and, after all, no one knows what's going to happen from here on out.

Great. Once again... good to be working with you!

Yeah, whatever. Let's get going!

Hahn's just itching to get out of here, and I can't blame him since the monsters can still drop him in two hits. Fortunately, the other chest nearby houses an Escapipe, so we won't have to hack our way through dozens of monsters to get back out.


After a quick stop back in town to sell off Alys' old Leather Crown and get patched up, we're on our way back to Zema. Once we enter town, this scene automatically plays:

There are just tons of relics from an earlier civilization all over the place. You've come at the right time. You too...

Professor Holt! This is no time for that kind of thing! Do you know you were turned into stone by Zio?

Hmm? Oh, really? Well, here I am now, as good as new, so not to worry! Alright, let's reopen the investigation immediately. Hahn!

Yes sir!

Go back to the academy. Give them a report on the state of affairs here.

Er... yes sir.

Good! We're off further into Birth Valley!!

Oh well, at least we've settled one problem.

I'm so sorry... he didn't even say a word of thanks. Well, he's just that kind of guy.

Oh, don't worry about that, Hahn!

Well, I'm kind of tired after getting this job done. Let's take it easy today, eh Chaz?


I've got to report about what's been happening until now.

OK. What about Gryz?

You talking about me? I'm going off to conquer Zio... even if that means me alone!

Let's not be so rash!

I don't care whether it's rash or not. I've already made up my mind!

Normally, at this junction we would go back to the town of Aiedo where the guild is located.

* Ahhhhh!

Someone's screaming!

Well, if it isn't our old friend Igglanova.

We'll have to destroy it.


Why, yes!

Iggy's buddy is here and itching for a rematch. Unfortunately for him, he's no stronger than his buddy back at the Academy was. In fact, with the array of Skills and Techs you've learned over the last few levels, you might just take him out on the first turn.

Well, it's a little better now.

* sacred area that something like this is happening!!

...Ah... Er, Alys?

I'll keep it to 1000 Meseta.

...M...My wedding fund...



What mysteries await us within Birth Valley? Tune in next time to find out!
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 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 06:31pm 02/06/09
Bonus Youtube vids:

Rune's scene. Included mostly for his awesome theme music.

This one's just not the same without the sound effects.

Comedy gold.

Revived Zema dialog scenes + the easiest boss battle of all time.
 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 10:00pm 02/13/09
Part 3 coming tomorrow.
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