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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 09:32pm 07/03/10 (04:05am 02/09/09) in 43m25s  §  5357 eyeballs
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From: Mike Braun (mike@onlinepuntobanco.com)
Subject: Interesting proposal for your site (and mine)

> Hi,

> My name is Mike and I am the operator of several gaming and gambling sites.
> Since your site is related to the state of Nevada, I think it may be of interest to my users.

> Do you think it would be possible to provide your site visitors with a referral to one of my sites?
> I'd appreciate if you could provide a textual link and would be willing to provide one in exchange if needed.

> Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss my proposal.

> Regards,
> Mike Braun

My site's related to the state of Nevada? Well, that's odd, since I'm located in Colorado, I've never visited Nevada, and a quick search of my site for the word "Nevada" turns up exactly 1 result - a failed insult on behalf of an idiot we decided to torment on IRC some seven years past.

You go on to say that my site may be "relevant to your users". I doubt that, considering it has a design motif that looks like it came straight out of 1996, gets about eight visitors a month, and mostly consists of me yelling about bad video games. I don't even have any skill programming in Flash or Java, so anyone who comes to my web site looking to actually play games or earn any money, virtual or real, from a rigged Video Poker applet is going to be sorely disappointed.

Next, you ask if I can provide a link back to your sites. Even if I wanted to, I noticed that you didn't include a single URL to any of your sites in your e-mail, that I might visit them and see if they're worthy of my prestigious endorsement. I only managed to find one by punching your e-mail domain into my web browser, and was greeted by this quote:

"Playing baccarat online has become a huge recreational activity for millions of people all over the world."

Which leads me to ask: if you have millions of clients, why exactly do you need my help to promote your site?

And no, I'm not going to e-mail you back so you can whitelist my address and send me more offers of free money, porn and Viagara. Douchebag.
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