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 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 06:24pm 06/22/11 (03:27am 02/13/09) in 1h11m45s  §  2794 eyeballs
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As a few of you probably already know, our Projectwonderful ad service allow us to see what people were searching for when they stumbled across Lardpirates.com. Many of the funnier ones have been preserved in Shittle form, so I thought I'd share some of them.

Search engine strings that have turned up at least one page on LP.com:

  • Ass Crayons - Old swab by Naya.

  • Doodleshit - Old swab by Luna.

  • Assdrinking - One of Pyaemia's rants.

  • Gay Arabian Spank Video - No clue what this one turned up, but I'm pretty sure it'll get you stoned to death over there.

  • Wildguns Firefox - Sounds like a lame Gonterman character, but it actually turned up Rattar's Wild Guns review.

  • Cow With Bomb - Poopdeck swab.

  • And onto the street where this - I'm not sure how an incomplete sentence with few recognizable keywords got us at least one hit, but it did.

  • Mnbvbnm - Syd cleaning his keyboard.

  • Hear his teeth chattering to death fanfic - Searching for one bad fanfic, they instead found another that was infinitely worse.

  • Gay Macho XXX - I can only blame our site terminology for this. Also, they probably found gay porn someone had drawn on Poopdeck Macho.

  • This controller is fucking horrible - Angry Video Game Nerd quote.

  • Dr. Light douchie - Brings up [url=http://lardpirates.com/d/user/Dr.%20Light/]Dr. Light's profile[/url], with text taken right from Mega Man & Bass. "Douchie" is just one of many nonsensical words and phrases that appear in the game's profiles.

  • I'm caca for coco puffs - Shittle from the era when Family Guy managed to actually be decently funny. Also shows up on a deleted article as filler.

  • Squall spanks Rinoa - My Final Fantasy 8 Nutshell. The "spank" comes from the Waggoner's terminology for an article. For example, this article is Spank #993.

  • Lenneth fuck - My Valkyrie Profile Nutshell.

  • Master Shake chainsaw - The Roster page and [url=http://lardpirates.com/user/Master%20Shake/]Master Shake's profile[/url] both contain these words.

  • +1 "Mortuary" D@hotmail.com 2000 - What were they searching for? I haven't the faintest idea. What did they find? That, too, is lost to the ages.

  • Tashigi drops her glasses - She does, but I've no clue why one would search for it. This landed them squarely in Shit Piece again, by the way.

  • Colorful Waterfall - An Aquas swab.

  • Bacteria Porn - I can only assume it's the latest fetish. It's also an old Poopdeck swab from the confused mind of Atom.

  • Nami taking a crap - Shit Piece fortunately had none of this, but that hasn't stopped it from bringing in at least one perv searching for it.

  • Sue's knockers - I'm not sure who Sue is, but it brought them right to a rant about a certain Mary Sue with huge knockers.

  • Wikipedia insubordinate - Brings up Shit Piece due to the author's talent for poor wording.

  • Spackle Cake - Brings up a classic Poopdeck Macho swab. I can only assume the Googler was looking for a recipe for the world's worst-tasting cake.

    The ever-versatile "Youtube Gangbang" pulls in a whole ton of hits from various international versions of Google. Hell, I think most of our overseas traffic stems from that alone.

    An old and long-defunct Poopdeck account, [url=http://lardpirates.com/d/user/Underground%20Lolita]Underground Lolita[/url], also draws in a lot of hits.

    Most of our hits seem to come from MSN searches for "poopdeck", "rawks" or "spank". Google searches for "Lardpirates" also seem to be gaining in popularity of late.
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