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 Now with more game!
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Alright, before we head in, let's stop by Zema's armory, which has some slightly better gear for Gryz (a Broad-Axe to replace his Titanium one) and Hahn (the Graphite Suit). You can also pick up a Carbon Shield for him here, if for some reason you didn't do so back in Tonoe.

Heading back in, we find Holt's assistants, apparently beaten to a pulp.

*Ahhh... the monsters from the depths are...

*Professor Holt has gone into the depths and has not returned... Maybe... it's too late...

As expected, the depths of Birth Valley are much more advanced than anything else we've yet seen. We also apparently trigger some kind of alarm coming in...

Yikes! What's that!?
We... we're going to die!
Stop cowering! Men are such cowards! It's nothing!
That... that's true.

I hope that's a response to the last statement.

We also come face to face with our first robotic enemies here, as well as some slightly tougher palette swaps of Iggy and Xanafalgue. Nothing you shouldn't be able to handle, though you may have to use an Escapipe to leave, heal up and come back at least once, as the robots can dish out a lot of damage. Chaz also acquires the Hinas tech around this time, which serves the same purpose.

A few floors down, we find Holt again.

Oh, it's you, Hahn! You came to rescue me! Good job!
Well, it seems pretty safe here, but, how on earth were you able to escape on your own?
Well, you see, this person here came to my rescue.

Who are you?
My name is Rika. Pleased to meet you.

Chaz, master of the one-word sentence.

Those ears... what on earth are you? And what is this place!?
This is the Bio-Plant. It's a research facility for bio engineering created by a thousand-year-old civilization.

Is it still operational?

Oh, yes. What's more, this isn't the only one. There are many such systems that have maintained their functionality. And it's thanks to these systems which control Motavia's climate, soil and ecology systems that the human race was able to avoid total destruction after the 'Great Collapse.'

Really? Is that true?

If that's the case, how come this recent environmental destruction is taking place?

Even though the control system is still functioning, it can barely maintain the minimal conditions for your existence. Even now this system is starting to run out of control!

Chaz... do you understand?

What? Well... ah...

Then, does that mean the recent increase of Bio-monsters is coming from here?

Yes, unfortunately so. ...If you want to know more, talk to 'Seed'. He's over there.



So, where's this person called Seed?

He's right in front of you.

What's going on?

Wow! An artificial intelligence!

Hahn the ever-astonished.

I can't believe it!

*That's right, this is no exception. Check my status here. The system is beyond my control. It is continuously breeding harmful monsters.

Just as I thought.

*If we leave each of these systems running out of control... along with the monster problem, we will have abnormal climate conditions and violent changes in the planet's surface. Motavia will be destroyed!

The only thing we can do is shut down the system!

But stopping the system itself will cause problems. We won't be able to maintain the ecosystem!

That's better than the system ruining everything!

But, these systems are spread out all over the place!

Don't worry. All we have to do is shut down the plant 'Nurvus' which supplies energy to each system. That will shut them all down.

* First, please rescue the control android 'Demi.'

Rescue? What do you mean rescue?

* Right now, Demi is being held hostage by a man named Zio.

Zio again!

Who on earth is this Zio!?

* I myself don't know what Zio is all about.

So all we have to do is rescue this Demi, right? Where is she being held hostage?

She is with Zio,

Is that by any chance... beyond the quicksand of Mile?

Oh, that sinister looking castle north of Zema.

It's a pretty long way to go, but having heard all this we have no choice. Hee hee, it's been a long time since I've felt so excited! And while we're at it, why don't we get rid of that disgusting character, Zio!

Hey! That's the spirit!

Who is this girl anyway? She seems curiously knowledgable about these matters...

* She is... my child.

Are you saying that she is an artificial life form?

* That's right. She is the product of a thousand years of improvement on genetic information from a prototype prior to the 'Great Collapse'.

(That prototype would be Phantasy Star II's Neifirst, and by extension Nei)

* I have also given her a basic education. She will surely be a great help to you.

Thank you! I've always wanted to be able to see the outside world!

* Rika, take care...

OK, let's get going to Zio's Fort!

I must first go back to the academy! We have to spread this information as much as possible.


* There is only one way for me to stem the outbreak of monsters. Now that I have sent into the world the fruit of a thousand years worth of research, there are no obstacles to its execution.

(Seed's monitors all go red.)

Wow, I didn't know the sky was so blue! These flowers... they're so beautiful! How lovely!

be so novel...

An explosion!

Rika, you must carry on the will of Seed! You can't look back now!

I know...

If you're starting to think that everyone in this game has a four-letter name, then congratulations! You're pretty much right. This was also the case with the previous Phantasy Star games. Ah, the wonder of space limitations.

Anyway, Rika is pretty much our main "support" character, with mostly healing and buffer techs. She's also not bad in combat; though she gains very few offensive skills, she can deal a respectable amount of damage with two Claws equipped. She starts out at Level 1, but much like PS2's Nei, she gains levels more quickly than any other character, so she'll catch up fast.

Alright, across the bridge just a short walk west, which was broken earlier on to prevent us from getting back to Aiedo and buying the awesome gear available there. Ah well.

First, though, we'll stop by the town of Nalya.

*it's inhabitable anymore...

*About three months ago, a large meteorite fell just outside of town... and look what has happened! What in the world did we do to deserve this?

* You know, right after the meteorite fell, some kind of army came rushing across the bridge from the west. And then, just when they thought they returned to the west, we found the bridge destroyed. I wonder if they came from Aiedo? Who in the world were they!

Huh, I don't remember the part about the army. I can only assume it was Zio's doing again.

* Hey, doesn't it look like there's a machine in the middle of that big hole? We want to see what it is, but on the other hand, it's kind of scary and no one dares go near it.

Anyway, there's not much else to see in this town, aside from an item shop and an inn. Heading north of town leads us to the "Meteorite".

Which is apparently another high-tech facility.

This is one of the game's handful of sidequests, which can net you a few neat items and a bit of plot introspective, so we're going to check it out. You may have to level-grind a bit to make it all the way through, as the enemies in here are quite powerful.

At the very end we come to this scene.

I know what it is. Move over, Chaz!

Rika takes the controls.

Wow, pretty impressive.

It's a pretty hard security code to break, but... there! We can now access the main computer's memory!

Putting Radical Edward's hacking skills to shame.

What's this?

Look! It says that this is the space ship that escaped from Parma a thousand years ago!

What? Really?! But... Parma exploded a thousand years ago!?

Oh, you know about that?

Yes... I learned about it at the academy.

Parma, the first planet of the Algo solar system, was destroyed in AW 1284 when the artificial satellite, Gaira, crashed into it... Today, the only vestige of Parma is the asteroid belt.

But there were some people that were able to escape!

According to these records... just before the explosion, some people were able to escape... This space ship was damaged, and became trapped in orbit around Motavia. They floated around in space until all the humans aboard died. But the computer was able to sustain itself with its self-repairing mechanisms.

They all... died?

According to the flight chart, the orbit slowly decayed over the last thousand years... the ship finally crashed here!

Then, that means all the Parmanians perished?!

Wait... this is not the only ship that escaped from Parma! It seems that other similiar ships were able to escape successfully. Most of them landed in either Motavia or Dezolis, but it looks like some of them went right out of the Algo solar system. I can't get an accurate number, but it looks like some tens of ships.

...So they're still continuing their flight... somewhere in the universe...


The destruction of Parma obviously refers to the events of Phantasy Star II. Phantasy Star III reveals that 400 ships had escaped before the planet's destruction - of them, all but two were destroyed by Dark Force. Phantasy Star III takes place upon one of the remaining ships, and had survived due to a hero named Orakio sealing Dark Force away with his magical sword. One of the possible endings even involves meeting the other surviving ship.

Interestingly, another of the game's endings has the ship travel through time to end up near modern Earth, which poses the question of whether the inhabitants of PS3's ship were inadvertently responsible for triggering the events of Phantasy Star II; namely, the destruction of Earth, the corruption of the Earthmen and the creation of Mother Brain. Of course, that would be a predestination paradox.


Alright, let's move on to Aiedo. Here, we can rest at Alys' house for free, which makes the Inn rather pointless. Interestingly, the place also has two weapon and two armor shops; however, one of each of them just sells outdated stuff that we've already come across in earlier towns. The other, near the Hunter's Guild, has the next tier of equipment for our entire party, the aforementioned Graphite and Ceramic. However, Ceramic stuff is quite expensive, so we'll have to get some money before we can afford it all.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to gain some cash; I speak of course of the Guild itself.

This is a request from a ranch owner at the village of Mile. 'The Sand Worms at my ranch have become so big that I'm at my wit's end. Please help me...' That is the message. The fee offered is 5000 Meseta.

See? Nothing but trouble, those sand worms.


The postings in here also offer a bit of humor.

'Hunters with the most cases processed: No. 1 Alys Brangwin...'

It says 'The guild is everyone's guild. Please use it quietly'...

To put that into context, there's a floor show with dancers and loud music one room over from this very sign. The tune they dance to is a slight variation of the theme from Fantasy Zone.

There's a notice posted here. 'Do not run on the floor'...

Running on the ceiling is loosely acceptable.


Alright, let's get this Sand Worm business sorted out not only for the money, but because it's a good chance to show off the Macro system.

Basically, you can set up what skills you want to use and the order you want to use them in before you actually get into a battle, which is useful for setting up buffers on the first round of combat, as well as performing the game's combination spells, which require two or more specific spells to be cast back to back with one another. Right now we're just going to concentrate on the former, since we don't have any useful combination spells yet.

By default, Macro A sets everyone to simply attack with their weapon, which makes random battles go by much more quickly.

* The sand worms I've raised in this ranch have grown so big, the situation is out of hand! P... please! Can you do something about it? I won't complain, whatever the outcome is!

We wander around in the pen for a bit until we come face-to-face with...

Well, he wasn't kidding.

This fight's rather easy, actually, since the Sand Worm can only attack one character at a time for roughly 50 damage, which Rika can easily erase with her Res magic. Alys casting Saner will also allow most of the party to get their turns in before the Sand Worm does, which ensures they won't be wiped out before they can be healed. Anyway, just have Chaz and Gryz attack, Hahn use Wat magic, and Alys use Vortex, and this should be over within a few turns. Rika can also dish out some damage with a normal attack or a Double Slash skill when nobody needs healing, though she'll probably only have one or two uses of the latter at this point.


Once he's defeated we'll gain enough experience to raise everyone at least two levels, and the ranch owner will have this to say:

* Sigh. And I was finally able to feed those sand worms successfully... The ranch... my dream... Sigh. Thank you. There's no use lamenting about the past. I should make a clean break and go on to the next thing. I'll send your compensation to the guild, so please pick it up there.

Good job. Congratulations on dealing with the sand worms so effectively! Please accept your commission fee of 5000 Meseta.
I'm glad we resolved the problem before anyone got hurt. Too bad for the ranch owner though.
But he seemed like a person who would not be daunted for long. I'm sure he'll prosper again.

If you're still short on cash for upgrading equipment, it's time for a bit of good old-fashioned money farming. Head into the cave north of Aiedo and fight the Zol Slugs; wait for them to combine together into a Meta Slug, then kill them for over 500 Meseta a pop. They give a pretty good amount of experience to boot.


Well, that's it for this entry. Next time: the inevitable showdown with Zio.
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Bonus Youtube video:

Seed and Rika's scene
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