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 Now with more game!
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So, after we pass through the cave north of Aiedo, we come to a town called Kadary.

* This place? This is the town of Kadary. Have you come to visit Zio's church as well?

Not only a grade-A asshole, but a cult leader as well!

* Zio says that the end of the world is coming soon. I wonder if that's true?

At the north end of town is a rather creepy church.

* This is a church where we worship the great Zio. Zio says he's going to cleanse this soiled land with the fires of destruction... and then, he's going to build a utopian society populated with only the finest citizens! How wonderful! The thought makes me tingle!

This is starting to sound like a Shin Megami Tensei plot.

* No one other than Zio can save us from the uncleanliness of Motavia! Ahhh! Glory be to you, Zio!

(The priest passes out)

He's fainted...

How... how frightening.

We can also employ a bit of Dragon Warrior logic to sneak around the border of town to two more buildings. One's an inn filled with Zio's cronies, which results in a bit of humorous dialog but nothing especially useful.

The other contains a chest with a Laser Slasher for Alys, which will come in handy.

Heading a bit further south, we come to Zio's Fort.

We quickly come to a flight of stairs leading down, but there's some kind of barrier preventing us from entering. Looks like we'll have to wait a while to get down there.

There are a few cool treasures to be found in Zio's Fort, including a Laser Claw, Laser Sword and a Moon-Dew, a very useful (and rare) item that revives an ally from Dying status. However, to get some of these treasures, you'll have to jump down pits near the stairs. This will drop you down to a lower floor with a lone chest and a single exit that takes you outside, so you'll have to come back in the front door and hack your way through the dungeon all over again. Ah, the price you pay for awesome swag.

There are also a couple of semi-hidden bridges that you'll need to use to get to other sections of the fort, so keep an eye out for those.

At the center of the fort, we meet this charming character:

Juza is actually pretty dangerous, as his Force Flash technique can inflict 40-50 damage to the entire party. Fortunately, he doesn't use it too often, and the rest of his techs are pretty weak. He'll go down pretty quickly as long as you continuously hit him with Vortex, Cross Cut and Gryz's axe (buffered with his War Cry skill). Rika and Hahn should be healing full-time so that everyone has enough HP to survive his Force Flash.

After defeating him, a flight of stairs appears. Head on up.

Have we walked into a tentacle hentai?

Somebody's been captured... it's Demi!

We've got to rescue her!

Well, that was easy.

Alys Brangwin and company.

Thank you very much! You are all injured, are you not?

Huh? I feel strength welling inside me!?

It's my Medical Power. My name is Demi, and I am in charge of controlling Nurvus.

Whew! I heard she was supposed to be an Android, but this is beyond my expectations!

She's no different than a human being!

Be that as it may. Demi, can you stop the transmission of energy to the system that's malfunctioning? You're the only one who can do it, right?

Yes. I, too, have tried to freeze the entire system, but...

* Go no further.

Who's that!

That voice! it's Zio!

Zio! You son of a... !

Watch your tongue son. So you thought you would sneak in while the owner's out, eh, you little sneak thief?

Take a look at your own evil self before you dare put us down! Think about all you've done!

Hmmph. So I've wrought damage to Motavia. What's wrong with eliminating worms?

Worms? You dare call us worms?! You... you... I cannot forgive you!

A face filled with pain and anguish, begging fearfully for help, a face quivering with anger! Go, on! Get angry! Suffer! Be sad! That would truly be the ultimate offering to me and my great god!

Your god?

Son of a... blast! Come on! Let's go everyone!

Wait, Chaz! Zio! Do you understand what's going on? If we don't stop the systems that are running out of control, Motavia itself is going to become uninhabitable. You must let Demi...

Total annihilation of life, what a fine thing! Death to all that lives! Destruction to all that has form! That is indeed my desire!

Yeah, reasoning with the guy seems out of the question.

That's crazy!

My god will not tolerate any life forms in Algo! Everything must be wiped out. And I, with these very hands, will do just that!

That means you yourself will be gone too!

If my god wishes that to be so, that is also my wish.

You... you're out of your mind!

Spooky glowy eyes.

Anyone who dares get in my way shall perish. My humble self, who has taken it upon myself to do the wish of my god, shall destroy thee. Oh, the greatest, my one and only ultimate god, Dark Force!

'Dark Force'?

So we're thrust into a fight with Zio. However, we're powerless against the guy, as he uses a Magic Barrier on the first turn that makes him all but invincible; you can only hit him with techs or skills, and they'll never do more than one point of damage. Over the next few turns he'll summon an image of Dark Force himself:

And then fire some really nasty dark energy shit at Chaz, which brings the battle to a quick end.

We'd better make a temporary retreat!

I think you're right.

Blast it!

No! Alys!

We'd better return to my village, Chaz!

Alys... sniff



It appears she isn't getting any better.

That Zio... there was something different about him from other enemies I've fought!

She refuses everything. It's as if she's... possessed by some evil power.

Damn you! Zio you devil!

Can we save her if we shut down Nurvus?

No, that won't work. Nurvus is located in the basement of Zio's Fort! Actually, Zio has erected his fort on top of Nurvus.

Oh, below that invisible barrier!!

So we'll have to defeat Zio after all!

I... If only Rune were...

Alys! Don't talk!

Rune should know... some way to do it.

Alys, don't worry. We'll defeat Zio somehow!

Now, listen. With what we have right now... there's no way we can win. We've got to do something about Zio's magic barrier.

Magic barrier?

'Magic'! That sort of thing should have ceased to exist a thousand years ago!

Come to think of it, Rune was indeed using some kind of magic! Something called Flaeli.

That's right... so if you can get the cooperation of... Rune...ooo!

Alys! Chaz, who is Rune?

Oh, he's a disgusting, conceited jerk! I hate to admit it, but we may have no choice but to ask for his help.

Didn't Rune go off somewhere with Grandfather Dorin?

If he's with Grandfather Dorin... perhaps he's gone to the 'Ladea Tower.'

Ladea Tower.

What's the Ladea Tower?

I'm not quite sure myself, but I hear it's located on a small island beyond the quicksand in the east. Grandfather Dorin said that something important is there.

How are we going to get across the quicksand? How did Rune and Grandfather Dorin do it?

That's beyond me. Probably that's where magic comes into play.

The Land Rover? What's that?

Do you mean to say there's still a Land Rover in existence?

Yes, absolutely. The Land Rover, is an all-purpose armor-plated car of an ancient civilization! With a Land Rover, crossing quicksand is nothing! If we go to the Machine Center directly south of here, I'm sure we'll find one.

A machine center? Is there such a place?

If you come with me, you'll see.

OK! In that case, let's hurry and get going!

Will you stay here, Hahn?

What? Ah, but...

We want you to remain here and look after Alys. Also, you have a cute girlfriend here!


Alys, I'm sure we'll find Rune!


Hahn, take good care of Alys!


Well, we've got our first android character. While not the first playable android in the series, Phantasy Star IV introduced several unique limitations to them. First, they cannot use magic, only skills. Second, they cannot be healed by magic or standard healing items; they must use their "Recover" skill to do so, or a Repair Kit item. However, they also have a few unique advantages: they are immune to most status effects, recover 1 HP per step, and should they die in battle, they will automatically revive after the fight with 1 HP.

Demi also has a unique ability called "Medic Power", which will restore a small amount of HP to the entire party (Androids included) and can even revive fallen allies. She also uses Barrier, one of the game's most useful buffer skills, and a few offensive abilities that will stun or instantly kill mechanical enemies.


Now we head a short distance southeast of Krup, where the Machine Center will now reveal itself.

Yikes! That scared me!

Please, feel free to enter.

The chest on the left contains the Control Key, which will get this place into working order again, while the panel on the right will completely heal your party at no charge. Nifty.


This place is still alive... It has become independent from Seed and Nurvus!

A lot of other machines are housed here, but they haven't been used for a long time. They probably need some repairs.

I have no idea what these machines are, but this is some place. You're pretty adept at handling these machines. Were you caught by Zio while you were trying to get the system back under control?

Yes, that's right. Zio is very violent.

Very funny.

Defeating Zio is not going to solve the problem.

What? Isn't the system running out of control a result of Zio's doing?

No. The real cause of the problem is that Zelan has been issuing abnormal commands.

Impossible! Not Zelan!

Zelan? What's that?

environmental maintenance systems. It's an orbiting station on the other side of Motavia.


How are we going to get there?!

First, let's think about defeating Zio and stopping Nurvus!

Yeah, you're right. It's not enough just defeating Zio? If that's the case this makes me worry about... Dark Force!

The conveyor below brings this impressive monster to us:

I'm reminded of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for some reason.

Don't worry, it'll be alright! I'll start the Land Rover up! Let's go outside. It will be waiting.


What a functionally beautiful design! Don't you find it just fascinating!

Oh, er... yes!


The Land Rover, as the dialog suggests, is a carryover from Phantasy Star 1. However, it's been outfitted with some weapons in this game, allowing you to defeat the tougher enemies you encounter while driving around. It's outfitted with a powerful laser as its default attack, as well as two sub-weapons that are recharged when your party rests at an inn. It also has its own "SP" gauge, which serves the purpose of HP; if it hits 0, the game ends. It's kind of a moot point, though, since your SP is restored to full after each battle and its weapons are powerful enough to eliminate every enemy you meet in 1-2 hits.

A short drive across the quicksand leads us to Monsen. There's really not much to say about this town; it just has an item shop and an inn, and a brief dialog scene cueing us in to our next side quest.

* Th... there've been Earthquakes recently...

An earthquake starts up.

Ahhhhh! Help!

Yikes! Wh...what's wrong, Gryz!

Oh, I get it! Gryz's afraid of earthquakes, aren't you, Gryz?

Huh? Is that true?

What if I am afraid? I can't help it!

Ha ha ha, what a coward!

Oh, shut up!

Well, that was kind of mean.

At any rate, with earthquakes happening so often like this, it's a real problem.

I'm sure that the Plate System is the cause of all this!

Plate System?

It's a system located just north of here which controls the tectonic plates of Motavia's surface. I'm sure that system is malfunctioning!

Well, if that's the case, let's shut it down!

A group of villagers approaches.

* What, you're going to stop these earthquakes?

* Oh, thank you very much!

What? Er... we're kind of busy...

* Please. You must stop these quakes. Please.


* Thanks!

Sure enough, a short trip north takes us to the Plate System...

which is where I'm going to stop for now.

Tune in next time, where we find some fun toys inside the Plate System, and then venture onward to the Ladea Tower.
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 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 07:23pm 02/18/09

The rescue of Demi, confrontation of Zio, and the aftermath
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